September beauty.

So I did a little (massive) shopping.

Mainly makeup. I bought a coat from River Island, can’t wait to wear it. Few tops, boots and lingerie. La senza is closing down so there is a massive sale.


This post I will write about the MAC products and Benefit.


The benefit products are total moisture mousturizer, it’s potent eye cream, makeup remover and booboo zap.

Total moisture- absolutely love this, second time buying it. I have a sensitive and dry skin (it’s a hassle to find the right products) and this helped a lot. It smells gorgeous as well. Worth it.

It’s potent eye cream- I usually forget to use eye cream, I haven’t used this as much.

Makeup remover- I still prefer my L’oreal and lush remover and cleanser I find it more effective on my skin. The benefit makeup remover is also good, it has no smell, no fragrance and no oil. It is like water but it’s not a good idea to drink it (even in desperate times).

Boo boo zap- for spots and pimples I found this effective it dries out the problematic area, should be applied 2/3 times a day. So far I’m happy with this product.

Now on the the MAC. First time MAC buyer here (I used eyeshadow before which was a present and I liked it) From MAC I bought foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow.


Foundation- I got matchmaster SPF 15 in shade 2.0, it turns out it’s a little dark for my skin (my skin is quite pale) but it gives me a bit of a tanned look I guess. The formula is liquidy (is that even a word?) and the coverage is medium not the most greatest. I am going out tonight so will we wearing this. It is very important for it to be applied properly and be blended into the skin. I wear it with a makeup sponge instead of brush as I find it easier to apply it this way.

Eyeshadow- it’s in shade Vanilla. It’s amazing. It hasn’t got any shimmer which I like. It’s powdery, and stays on for a long time. Very happy with this.

And my favourite of all:

Lipstick- as soon as I saw this sitting on the counter I had to have it. The colour is in Ruby woo matte red lipstick. Loooooove it. Stays on long, not shiny and it’s perfect.

Just comparing it with my Dior one (left Dior, right MAC) love them both.

Overall, I am happy with my purchases and will be going back when they finish, however; I hardly finished a makeup product, except a few favourites which I would start doing monthly favourites and all time favourite products.



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