Universe hears me.

I was feeling a little down today and there was boots on my way home from Uni, so I thought I’d go in and buy something. A bit of retail therapy.

I was on a blogging spree the other day and I saw the bourgois rouge edition, velvet. Loved the colour and I decided to buy one when I’m out and I usually stall buying stuff but today the tube wasn’t working (damn you, Central line) and I had to get the bus home and something happened so I wasn’t the most happiest person on earth. Guess, everything happens for a reason right? The universe wanted me to have this now. Ha.
Anyways enough of me rambling. I bought 2 colours, eye kohl and eye shadow trio.


The colour on the top left is 07 Nude-ist. The other colour is 08 Grand Cru. They look so pretty, can’t wait to start being spontaneous with makeup again, it’s been long.

did a little test to show the colour, I wished the red was more darker but I’ll check for sure when I apply it on my lips.

The eyeshadow trio is from the smoky eyes collection in 12 gris lilac. I am not a massive eye shadow user but recently I wanted to experiment with them. khol & contour is the last product I purchased today, I needed a normal black eye pencil and I just grabbed this.


Bourjois is also having 2 items for £14 I’m boots, which, I saved about a pound or two.

See you soon lovelies. Xx



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