HJ manicure launch event

On Thursday the 16th I attended the HJ manicure launch event in Orico shop on kings road.

HJ manicure is a luxurious nail care range created by model and manicurist Helen J, who I had the chance to meet and she was really lovely.

the products are made in the USA, cruelty free /vegan friendly; which is great as I’m trying to opt for more products that are vegan friendly. They are also toluene, formaldehyde, dibutylphthalate (DBP), camphor or formaldehyde resin free.

How beautiful are these colours? I want them all. I particularly like the reds, purple one, the nude and the dark blue (bottom right corner) ooh also the one next to it…ok ok I want all. I can’t resists pretty things.

They cost £9.50 each, but given the quality; I think it is quite worth it.

I also received a manicure by a lovely manicurist and got to choose a colour of my choice, after staring at the colours for a long time I finally settled on the dark red called red wine.

The best thing about these polishes is; they are fast drying, glossy, long lasting, highly pigmented, smooth application and it protects the natural nails; so it isn’t too harsh on them. I thought this was awesome, as my nails tends to break easily and usually when I remove the polish it doesn’t look nice. However, it’s been 4 days- my nails are stayed strong and after going through a lot, there’s just a tiny chip on one nail. I am impressed!

I took the picture in the bus and it was packed, people were staring at me but I had to take the picture.

More pictures that I took:




These are the colours on nails:


In the end, we were given a goodie bag with a nail polish. I got a beautiful purple colour, the one I had my eyes on.


I had a great time, everyone was friendly and smiley.
This is the website if you want to check it out: HJ manicure


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