Review: Belissimo lip glitter*

So I have been super occupied with Uni, have many deadlines this and next week to finish of essays. I thought I’ll take a break and escape into my little world.

I received a sample from Belissimo boutique to review their lip product.
I received a lip glitter in Raspberry sparkles In a small cute packaging, inside a bubble wrap envelope. Was pretty excited to test it out.


Inside the package there was a lip glitter, glue; which is non harmful, doesn’t irritate and can be used on sensitive skin, cotton buds and instructions.


The glue; which is completely safe and also suitable for sensitive skin.


How to?

1. Remove any lip products already on lips with a non oil cleanser. Part lips.
2. Apply the glue on to the lips with its brush or as advised with a cotton bud. I found it easier to apply it with the glue brush.
3. Start to apply the glitter on the lips with the cotton bud carefully. This can get quite messy but if you do it carefully and patiently there won’t be excess amount of glitter. Brush of any excess glitter and make sure to keep your lips apart for it to dry.
4. Voila! You are done and all glittery. It is also advisable not to eat, drink or kiss whilst waiting for it to dry (but that should be common sense, right?)

My glittery lips lasted for about 4 hours. I didn’t eat anything greasy and I drank out of a straw. I also applied it on a friend who loves glitter and she really liked it. I am not a massive glitter fan but I did like these and as Christmas is fast approaching I thought these could be fun and festive. Might rock them on Christmas.


It can be easily removed with cleansing/baby wipes or an oil based cleanser.

Overall. I liked this product for its easy application, colour ( did I tell you there is more beautiful colour ranges too on the website?) and it lasted quite a bit however the only downfall would be it can get quite messy (predictable, with all glittery stuff) and the price – which is £13 then again there is a lot of product inside the small container. You can use it many times, approximately 20 times. Divide that by £13 it is £0.65 for every use. (Inner accounting/ maths geek in me coming out)


Here is a tester: pink and glitter.


If you want to check out other Belissimo products ( vintage jewellery, accessories etc) here is their website.


Have a great week…X


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