Chanel no: 5 the one I want

Has anybody else saw the new Chanel commercial? If you haven’t here is the link. Chanel always comes up with great pieces, and I love perfume commercials. I also love vintage cars and the model drives a vintage car.

It’s such a beautiful advert that portrays elegance, beauty, emotion and so on. I am not a massive fan of Gisele Bündchen but she fits into this commercial and in here she looks beautiful.


The song used was a cover of the one I want from the musical Grease, and I must say it sounded very nice and emotional.

I think this and the one with Audrey Tautou is my favourite ever Chanel commercial.

What’s your favourite Chanel commercial?

Speaking about commercials John Lewis did it again, with their Christmas one – sooooo cute, I got a little emotional watching it.
M&S advert was also cool, with the fairies; adding that magic and sparkle.
They all get you in that Christmas spirit….one month to go.


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