New Years resolutions

I decided to start of my first post in 2015 with my new resolutions.


So here we go.

1. Grow out my hair – I am a bit lucky with this my hair grows pretty fast. However I tend to get bored and either cut it or dye it which damages it a bit. My hair has been through a lot it’s still going strong. Last year I cut it about shoulder length. I am aiming to grow it waist length without cutting or dying.

2. Go back to the gym – I love the gym, weird because I’m lazy to go in the first place. I was doing pretty well beginning of last year however in the end I slipped so it’s my aim to go frequently and get them abs.

3. Eat healthy – more fruit and veg! I have already cut down on junk food.

4. Learn more French – time to get stuck in with this, I would love to be fluent. It will happen, one day.

5. Be very positive – this is a work in progress, so I got to keep positive all the time.

6. Get a first in Uni – saying this, I have exams starting Monday. All back to back so I better get more revision done if I want that first.

7. Give more – I like helping people, if someone is sad I try to make them happy, motivate, anything I can do. Giving is good. The more you give the better.

8. Learn – keep an open mind and learn new things, knowledge is power.

9. Blog more – most important of all. I love writing, sharing things so I should start blogging more and try not to let things get in the way. I will soon have a blogging schedule, I am planning on it and I will try to stick to it! I have so much stuff that I want to write in my mind. Oh and also do more fashion related posts and a little inspiration. Also comment a lot on other blogs, I’m a bit shy when it comes to commenting and talking to new people.

It’s a bit of a lot, but I believe with determination and a vision I can achieve this, it isn’t hard and better late then never because if I don’t do it in years to come I will think back and say I should’ve done it then.

Make 2015 YOUR year.
I saw a tweet that said “if one day time travelling was possible make sure 2015 be a one where you would love to travel back again.”

Now I can go and enjoy my peppermint tea in my favourite mug (with my favourite gingerbread coated in dark chocolate) and toast to a great year.



3 thoughts on “New Years resolutions

  1. Do you have any plans to get in a relationship in 2015? (if you haven’t already). Has anyone caught your eye?? I’m a curious person πŸ˜€


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