10 tips for hair growth

My hair grows pretty quick and it is thick despite dying it a lot. I get asked a lot to about it so I thoughts I’d share my tips on hair.

This year I have promised myself not to cut or dye my hair, and to grow it like it was before.
Right, let’s get to work. Below are the list of things that has personally helped in the growth of my hair

1. Drink lots of water – water is good for everything.

2. Eat a lot of Protein – egg, fruit, fish, red meat…and all that lot. Except the fruit and veg, I tend to eat a lot protein and I think it all goes to my hair.

3. Comb it – instead of brushing, comb it more. I guess the comb massages the roots whilst doing it and that helps promote hair growth.

4. Don’t use heat – pretty self explanatory, heat damages the hair and if you want to grow your hair you also want it to be healthy right? So instead of blow drying use natural air to dry. Skip the curlers and the straighteners too.

5. Use oils rather than using products with a lot of harmful chemicals, use essential oils to make hair shiny, healthy and strong. Coconut oil is a good one as well as almond oil. Apply it to hair leave it overnight and then wash it off, maybe do it every week I’m quite lazy so I do it like once or month or something.

6. Condition – condition the ends, never the root. Conditioning hair makes it soft and easier to manage.

7. Braid it – not tight, a bit loose. But do it often; I usually braid my hair after washing it and sleep like that, I part it into two – and end up with curlyish hair.

8. Sun helps – I saw somewhere hair grows faster in the summer. Although too much sun isn’t healthy for the hair but it is still good for it, just don’t stay out in the sun so long.

9. Avoid swimming pools Swimming pools have chlorine and that damages the hair a LOT. Try to avoid it as much as you can.

10. Stay happy – weird one, yes. Stay stress free, don’t stress over stuff as this causes hair fall out, stops hair growth. So stay happy- this doesn’t just apply to hair growth either.

Can’t wait to have a long hair again, my hair is already below the shoulder length. I might do monthly pictures to see my progress.

Love. Z


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