Book review: confessions of a fashionista

Has anyone read the book confessions of a fashionista?
I came across this last year (feels so weird calling 2014, last year) and I quite liked it, it was a fun, light and easy read.


It’s about Angela Clarke, who studied English at university of Essex (UK) and then moved back to Watford, to her parents house. The book is about her life, she starts working for an agency and meets all the wonderful, wacky and the weird people of the fashion industry.

I saw this book as an insider to the fashion industry, I am quite interested so I picked up this book to read. I also liked the fashion related quotes at the beginning of every chapter.

I found Angela’s writing to be humorous and her to be a likeable character, although she was quite confused in life in the beginning, she still had a bit of an idea to go after what she wanted and didn’t let anyone stop her and basically did what she pleased.

So if you want an easy read, insider to a fashion industry with a funny writing by a girl with shopping problems then confessions of a fashionista might be a great read for you

what I liked about confessions of a fashionista?
+ easy, light read.
+ funny.
+ quotes at the beginning of each chapter.
+ insider gossip into the fashion industry.
+ it was set in London, seeing as I live here; reading books set in London kind of feels quite home to me.

Happy readings.

Love, Z


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