11 ways to overcome exam stress

If you live in England or anywhere else that have the dreaded January exams then you know how horrible it is to study over the Christmas holidays and to take exams when the new year starts. I used to get stressed easily because of exams however this time, I am quite calm. I was also helping my friends to be calm and not stressed so I thought I should do a post on avoiding and overcoming stress.

1. make a timetable and stick to it – plan out your day, this will help you to remain calm and organised. I also like to make todo lists, it comforts me somehow and I also write lists of what I have done already and know.

2. Be prepared – Know what topics to revise, have everything ready. Don’t leave everything to the last minute (guilty of this).

3. Get plenty of sleep – don’t overdo it, don’t revise till very late. Stop studying after 10pm, or even earlier. Brain doesn’t work otherwise, and it will make you uncomfortable and lead to stress.

4. Have fun – take a bit of time out for yourself, watch a good film, read a book, hang out with friends; anything that makes you happy. Regular breaks also is good.

5. Eat and drink well – during my library revision sessions I managed to drink around 3/4 bottles of water and ate a lot. I did eat a lot of sugary foods, instead of milk I opted for dark chocolate, I also bought some fruits and healthy foods too balance. I can’t work whilst hungry and I get hungry very often so it is important to eat properly and also not be dehydrated. Also good brain food are banana, eggs, fish, dark chocolate, almonds, rice and carrot. Omega 3 tablets are also good. Stay healthy throughout.

6. Positive mindset – have faith in yourself that you will do great and this will get you motivated to study and try your best. Be confident in your abilities, however don’t be overconfident.

7. As soon as you finish one, concentrate on the next – if you did one exam and you’re not sure don’t dwell on it. Try your best on the next one. Once it is done, it’s over- nothing to do about it.

8. Revise with friends – Revise with less than 3/4 people otherwise it won’t work. It is best to find a small group and go over the work with them. You will learn so much from each other and it will also be fun…make sure to get regular breaks.

9. Dance or exercise – exercise is really good and dancing too. However tired a person is, exercise or dancing will make them have that little more energy and you will feel so good afterwards. So put on your favourite dance song and dance all your worries away!

10. reward yourself as you progress – a little chocolate, a fun time.. Anything that you see as rewarding, it’s a good motivation technique.

11. Celebrate pretty self explanatory, after all the exams. Forget about them and celebrate!!!!
We celebrated with a little party – lots of drinks and food and cinema to watch the woman in black 2. I also rewarded my self with a few goodies.

Remember, exam is not the end of the world, just try and do your best but don’t stress over it. Be positive, laugh a lot and enjoy.
I realised, I kind of like revising when I was doing these techniques. I got together with few friends in the library to study and who would imagine that would be fun, we all helped each other, learnt something new and it was great I also made new friends in the process of it. I get my results out in few weeks, and I haven’t thought about them since I had my last exam.

Hope you all a great revision session and go ace it!


Love, Z


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