Sunday scribbles

So here we are guys, January is gone and we welcome February (with open arms, of course). With the beginning of February I would like to introduce ‘Sunday Scribbles’ meaning the Sunday love where I will share good bits of my life, what I’m looking forward to and also update on my New Years resolution. Right, let’s get started.

1. 4 days to go for the cruise – I’ll be away for few days, enjoying the sun in America. What’s not to love, I am very grateful. I have already packed, took me about 5 minutes…I’d like to think I’m a pro at packing, I will post packing tip on Wednesday and beauty travel essentials. I will also be taking lots of pictures the and will try to be active on Instagram whilst there; you can keep up with me by following me there, here is a link.

2. passed my coursework – yaaaay! So, I passed all the courseworks for the first semester and I am pretty happy as it was quite hard and I want it to be over and done with. Now waiting for the exam results.

3. friends and family – reconnected with an old friend, spent time with the family and friends who were very supportive. =happy me.

4. My birthday month Well on the 12th I will be 21, officially an adult! I still feel like a kid to be honest but I’m pretty excited to what the life has in store for me.

5. 100+ followers Pretty chuffed. I have more than 100 followers and my blog has been up for less than 6month. Thank you to everyone who is following, liking and commenting; means a lot to me.

6. Going back to university – I am a geek at heart, I missed Uni during my holidays in January and I’m quite happy I’m back and I’m not saying it because of the parties. I like taking notes, making lists and learning something new.

7. New stuff – New beauty items, new mirror, new boots and new laptop- my old one is gone for good so I ordered a new one hoping, it will come soon.

8. Being told I changed someone’s life; twice– this month I was told by 2 different people how I had a positive impact on their lives. This was on my 35 things, before 35 list too. Looks like more things to be crossed off the list.

9. Planning to have my own website – time to take my blog to a new level. Can’t wait to have personalised design and having it all my way. A special friend also designed a beautiful logo which says Appley ever after.

Update on my resolutions:

I haven’t went back to the gym but I have been exercising everyday for about an hour or more.

I have been blogging more, January was quite a successful month, and I’m sure the rest will be better. I have also been commenting more on other lovely blogs. Followed more and getting feedback.

My hair has grown a bit and I’ve been trying hard to hold myself from colouring it but it’s quite hard when my friend dyed her hair into a pretty reddish colour, Victoria from inthefrow having a beautiful purple shade and seeing pretty hair on Pinterest. Like this hair.

Eating healthy resolution is going well, except the one Nando’s I had. I have also been drinking a lot of water; especially during the exam period.

I have learnt how to say left and right in French. I have been annoying my friend to teach me it and dug out my French books and apps. This could also count as learning something new, I’ve also been researching about multiple realities and spirituality. It’s quite fascinating.

As the saying goes; Appley ever after.

Love, Z.


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