21 facts about me

Hello, I’m back from my trip, and it was amazing. I will write all about it and share the pictures I took in the next post.


So, today is my 21st birthday (happy birthday to me) and I decided to do something different. I like reading facts about other people so I thought I’d do one too.

1. I study accounting and finance in London. I was going to go Plymouth for Economics but at the last minute I changed my mind as I didn’t want to leave London. I’m glad I stayed.

2. I grew up in Leeds, Yorkshire.

3. I love food and eat all the time but most people think I don’t eat at all as I’m quite thin.

4. I love sci-fi films, interstellar is my new favourite. I love sciency stuff, also theories by Albert Einstein- I’m a firm believer of multiple realities and such.

5. I can speak three languages fluently; including English. I also know basic Russian and I’m learning French. Love learning new languages and about new cultures.

6. I recently started reading tarot cards.

7. Eurovision Song Contest and abba are my guilty pleasures. I’ve been watching Eurovision since I was 10, and haven’t missed one since then.

8. I read my horoscope nearly everyday, sometimes it’s very spot on. I’m an aquarius, which is an air sign and a weird sign too.

9. I don’t tan. I never had a natural tan, it sucks. I tried fake tanning but I seem not to get along with fake stuff.

10. I don’t like hair extensions, fake nails and fake eyelashes. I wore fake eyelashes once and it felt like a spider on my eye and I kept thinking it’s going to come off and I’ll look weird. With fake nails- I tried them and when I took them off, they broke my nails and I swore I’ll never wear it again.

11. I have an addiction with perfumes, I probably own about 30 and I still think of buying more. Perfume adverts are cool too.

12. I have a short attention span. One minute I’d be talking about films the next I’d talk about shoes or whatever intrigues me.

13. My hair has been nearly every colour under the sun. Favourite one was probably purple.

14. I love packing. It’s weird really, I don’t know anyone else that loves packing.

15. When I was young I wanted to be a doctor…until I realised I would have a lot of responsibility over people’s lives.

16. I am left handed but when I started school I got forced to write with my right hand by the teachers. Now, I write with right but there’s stuff that I do mainly with left. Kind of confused which hand is stronger.

17. I have a lot of interests and they change pretty quickly, but learning new languages, reading, dancing, writing and makeup/fashion has always been there. I believe life is short and I’d like to try a lot of things. I now want to practise drawing again.

18. Although I am studying something number related, my dream is to become a writer. I love writing, I also do another fictional blog- more of a chicklit.

19. At first I am shy, but then I talk a lot if I feel comfortable with the person.

20. I was very experimental as a kid…still am but not as like before. When I was 5 I inserted a hair clip into a socket to see what happens…I’m surprised I’m still alive as this was not the only dangerous thing I did.

21. I’m an optimist, I do believe with a positive mind and attitude anything can be possible.

Now I can go celebrate..well after Uni. I’ll go out for a dinner with the family tonight and celebrate with my friends for the whole month of February. I’ll also be going to Paris next week with my two girls to celebrate there. I can’t wait!!!!

Thank you for reading.

Love, E .Z


3 thoughts on “21 facts about me

    • Thankyou lovely. I’m trying hard to stop myself from colouring it as i want to grow it my natural hair. Make sure youre very sure what colour you want when you decide to dye it. 🙂


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