Sunday scribbles 

It’s that time again, where I share what I loved about the week. This week was bit too fast, I had so much to catch up with at Uni- still haven’t quite caught up. I only missed few days and it feels like I missed half of the book and it wasn’t so fun when the lecturer picked me in the lecture to answer the difference between ‘job batch costing’ and ‘standard costing’ he only picked on me because he knew I missed few of his lessons.

Loves – I’m going to do for the 2 weeks.

1.currently, my neighbour is playing hotel California on the guitar; that song is my all time favourite.

2. My trip to the States and the Caribbean. I absolutely loved it, I had a great time, met some great people, saw great places and ate lots and lots of food.

3. It was my birthday, this week. I became 21, I am obviously getting younger. If you haven’t already check out my 21 facts post.
Two of my friends got together and made a photo album/ scrap book with our adventures in it, it was so thoughtful and cute, I loved it.
It’s always the thought that counts!

4. Who said Friday the 13th is a bad day? Because I had a great day with my friends, we dressed up and went out to celebrate my birthday. We discovered a nice bar just in Soho, called Zebrano where we received a free cosmopolitan. Girls download the app ‘drinkie’ for a free cocktail in various bars.

5. I get to tick few things from my ’35 things, before 35′ list.

6. I really loved the new perfume ad by Chloé love story. It’s cute and the song mi amor by Vanessa Paradis fits in so well with it.

7. I learnt a lot of new things, gaining more knowledge is also on my bucket lists and we should never stop learning.

8. I finally bought a new laptop, I am now part of the MacBook Pro family. I’m still getting the hang of it.

9. Valentines day; i don’t like going out on valentines, and I decided to stay home watch listen to songs on the tv while drinking tea and eating sweets. Also wrote/ edited blog posts – very productive. It’s good to be single…I think. Nevertheless I had a good time at home.

These are the 10 highlights of the week, see you lovely lot tomorrow with motivational Monday post.

Love, E. Z


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