9 hours later, in Orlando Florida

After three movies, few chocolate bars, blocked ears and complaints about the journey (9+ hours) we finally arrived at Orlando airport. by the time we arrived it was about 10pm ( 3am in UK) and i learned there was a 5 hour time difference between England and Orlando, i was pretty shattered seeing as i woke up at 6am (UK time), we took a little walk around the Orlando airport and i must say it was pretty.

fountain at orlando airport

fountain at orlando airport

orlando international airport

orlando international airport

View of the outside at night

View of the outside at night

i think, i loved orlando without even stepping out of the airport. The people were very friendly, and welcoming. i spotted Mickey Mouse – unfortunately not real, toy version and i, in my jet lag state took a picture. i didn’t have time to go to disney world, but one day i will. i have been to the disneyland though.

Mr Mouse

Mr Mouse

Barely escaping the snowy England (it was snowing in the morning and took me a bit of a time to book a cab – saved by uber) and coming into sunny Florida, i was a bit confused how i should dress as you can see with the woolly cardigan with scarf and sandals, oh i also had a massive (not so pretty, but comfiest) coat on. Our shuttle was in the morning, which would take us to the port canaveral, where the ship would be waiting.

royal caribbean

This beauty

After few hours of deep sleep, it was time to leave for port Canaveral. This was day/night 1 in America. I’ll post day 2 tomorrow, all about the waiting, cruise ship and the case of the late luggage.

Love, E.Z


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