Review: L’oreal eyeshadow la palette nude rose


Nude eyeshadow palettes have been taking over the makeup world, and now we have the L’oreal la palette nude, rivalling the others.
I had this palette for maybe over a month now. I wanted to use it a few times before reviewing to give an honest opinion. I picked it up while on a search for eyeshadows, I didn’t want to get the urban decay palette and thought this could be a more cheaper alternative to it.

There are 10 colours -6 shimmery and 4 matte, it comes with a double ended brush; one side is foam applicator and the other is a bristle brush. It has a big mirror which is quite useful. The packaging is quite secure, yet easy to open.

What I like about it?
The packaging, it’s sleek and classy, also black I love black packaging (and clothes) it gives a product more of a sophistication.

I love the colours, they’re so pretty and it brings out my eyes which are green. I’ve been using it ever since I have bought it. So, a lovely colour range.
The shades are more pinky nudes and browns.

I use the lightest shade on the inner corner of my eyes and the darker (browns) on the outer, majority of the time with its own brush. I haven’t used the darkest shade yet which is quite purpley, something adventurous than the usual matte black on a palette.


I also like the pigment of most of the colours and there is a variety of shimmery colours and more matte ones, which gives the opportunity to create a look you want.


What I didn’t like?
The pigment of the shade 2 and 3 they’re very soft and their lasting power wasn’t as strong as some of the other colours, I have to apply a lot of coats of them to get a colour.

The price, it is Ā£14.99. I think it is a bit too much for a high street/drugstore palette and other brands do have cheaper alternatives.

Out of 10 I would probably give this palette a generous 8! (8/10)

The colours are pretty, it looks good, the pigment is great (on most shades) and it does stay on for quite a while. Only downfall is the price but the quality is great and therefore it is quite worth it. I loved playing around with it and I am quite pleased with my purchase.

Appley ever after

Love, E.Z


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