Paris haul

perfume, versace, jimmy choo, paris keyring

i am a perfume addict, when i see perfume i like i have to buy it. In the airport there was a good deal on the perfume that i really liked. they were selling two, 40ml for £40. Me and one of my friends bought two different ones and shared it. We were very happy, like a child in a sweet shop happy. We bought Versace crystal (light pink bottle) and Versace yellow diamond. Then we discovered jimmy choo was also having the same offer so, we had to get that one too. i also had my eye on Chloe Love Story, guess i can get that next time.

Versace Crystal has a very light and fresh smell, perfect for day time, as well as the yellow diamond. However Jimmy Choo has more darker notes which makes it more suitable for the night time.

perfume, versace, jimmy choo

inside the eiffel tower, we fell for the pretty touristy souvenirs. We saw these cute eiffel keyring with bows. one was silver, one was red and a black one, obviously i love black colour so this was very me. My friends bought the other two colours, We each have a colour which derived from our Halloween costume last year we were the red, white and black angels.

paris keyring with a bow

I decided to buy a keyring from whereever i go.

Today is a new year in some parts of the world and the first day of spring, happy Novruz, wishing you all a lovely year and a very fun and warm spring full of happiness.

Appley ever after. 

Love, E.Z


9 thoughts on “Paris haul

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    However, when making choices for a fragrance, you should make sure to visit a department store for obtaining samples of the brands you
    find online. * Only pack clothes that can be worn more than once in different combinations.


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