Bourjois Happy light foundation review


I bought this foundation, when my healthy mix serum ran out, and I thought id give this is a test and i liked it. Not going to lie, the packaging caught my eye. Bourjois has quite a cute packaging. I bought the shade No 51 Vanilla Rose, The second lightest shade in the range. The price is £11.99 in Boots. (UK)

bourgeois happy light foundation, vanilla rose

 First impressions:

I loved it, its light, doesn’t feel cakey and looks very natural. One pump is enough for the whole face, but it doesn’t cover everything so more product is needed if you want more coverage. I personally aim for the natural/no makeup but flawless look so i only use one pump – applied with my real techniques brush or even hand.

It lasts up to 16 hours, but i wouldn’t know as i haven’t worn it for 16 hours, and it is an 8 hour hydration.

vanilla rose bourgeois happy light

What I liked about it?

  1. It feels weightless on the skin, very light and natural looking.
  2. Hydrates the skin which is good for dry skin.
  3. Has that flawless and not too dewy finish, it feels smooth and silky on the skin.
  4. Not cakey, does the job without masking the face.
  5. The smell is pleasant.
  6. Lasts quite long, without having the need to retouch.
  7. The price is affordable and it does a better job than some £30+ foundations.
  8. Not oily.

What I didn’t like about it?

  1. The lack of variety in shades. I am not quite a Porcelain (Lightest shade) and this one i bought (vanilla rose) is a tad dark on my skin. There are only 5 shades in the range in boots.

 No, I can’t find anything else that I dislike about this foundation.

This product hasn’t left my face since I bought it back in February.



A happy me! Recommend it 100%, I just wish they had the shade Ivory.

If you want a light, everyday and smooth coverage, Bourjois Happy light is the one for you. Bourjois is the one for foundations.

Overall 9/10 – one point off due to the lack of variety in shades.

It is down for £9.59 in ASOS now, but only three shades available.

Appley ever after. 

Love, E.Z


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