Fashion Haul – River Island et H&M

Lately,I have been pretty busy. At uni, its that time again; the dreaded assignments and preparation for exams. i had one exam for corporate law and i have three more to go as well as coursework. Basically we pay £9000 for work overload. I haven’t even bought some of the books thats required. *shrugs* eh, ill still pass!

I am also never sitting on the back of the bus, especially when the bus is busy and you sit there wondering how the hell you are going to get off the bus smoothly. Well, i didn’t. i managed to fall on a strangers lap (mortified) while someone else helped me not to fall further. Head down, straight outta the bus, i couldn’t bear to look at anyones face.

My life aside, on Friday i went to Oxford street which i usually avoid but i had to go as i was already in central London, well the south of the river. I walked from there to embankment, I’m sure the view was beautiful but i was too tired and sleepy to notice- thanks to a lack of sleep. i got the tube halfway and got off at oxford street.

First stop was H&M. i saw a pretty pale yellow dress as soon as i got in and i picked it up to try, then i saw a white lace dress and also picked up a black trousers as well as basic black vest top and few other dresses which i didn’t buy. Paid and left.

The white lace dress, which i bought one size big so its a little Loose but turned out to be fitting. *sighs* i seem to have an issue with sizing. More on that later. This dress is not on their website, but there are a lot in the oxford street H&M.


This is the next dress i got, the back is a v shape and its perfect for summer. However i need to exchange it for a bigger size as it does fit but i can’t take it off.


Next up, high waisted trousers. I don’t think i own a high waisted trousers, its very tight, but its a stretch. My advice is to get one size bigger.  And finally i bought a basic black vest top.

I went into few other shops but nothing really took my interest. I went in River Island and instantly i fell in love. Prettiest shoes were looking at me from their stand and had a ‘buy me’ look, i couldn’t reject.

river island shoes river island green shoes


It is probably the only shoe i own which is not black, brown or nude and i love it! I am thinking of wearing it everywhere. It is pretty comfortable, the soles are cushioned and i wore it around the house to get used to them and i didn’t want to take them off. (black pair available online).

Appley Ever After

Love, E.Z

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