Sunday Scribbles.

A mere life lately ramblings.

I actually can’t believe its April already, where do the time fly? I decided to do ‘Sunday Scribbles’ post; which i will post every now and then about life lately bits. This week has been pretty productive, i tried blogging and working a lot and gave myself a day off, on Friday. I…well, a friend took me to a really nice place in St Pauls – a rooftop bar, i loooove rooftops. We had cocktails and talked, i did most of the talking (once i start, i can’t stop) and the overall atmosphere was awesome, i posted an outfit detail on my Instagram; which you can follow me over at @elisazey. i did have a great time.

I am having having a lowkey Sunday, currently watching funny cat videos on youtube, stalling my assignment as long as i could, as well as my revision for exams which are very soon, i kind of enjoy this semester modules as it has bits of economics and i like Economics. I should probably make a new exam timetable and get on with that, therefore no partying for a while, well i could reward myself with few drinks here and there…enjoy the young single life. I was speaking to a friend, and she told me how we basically revise and work for all our lives, i think we should enjoy and live our lives to the full, just like Avicii states in his ‘the nights’…

I have been debating whether to start doing youtube videos, but I’m not too sure yet. Also, so far i have been keeping my new years resolutions, ill just rebel on the ‘growing natural hair’ part.

I have also been researching beauty through the years, and binge watching Audrey Hepburn films, my favourite is probably Roman Holiday. I love her style. I also got interested in Sociology again, i wanted to study sociology initially but due to the lack of job opportunities of graduating with a degree in sociology i ended up choosing finance. Subjects that are creative or interesting tend to be less rewarding after on.

Hope you all a lovely Sunday evening and week ahead, I will be planning new blog posts(i have so many ideas, so little time. i don’t know where to start), doing assignment and starting on my revision. Fun!

Appley ever after.

Love, El. Z


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