What i used up. | Time to budget.

What i used up?

For the next three month i will try to use up the makeup products i already own before buying new ones. I don’t wear makeup every single day, and i own a lot, bit of a hoarder so it takes time for me to use up. So far i have only used up 4 makeup products.

products i used up, bourjois, maxfactor mascara, porefessional benefit, barry m lip gloss

  1. Maxfactor False lash effect fusion- Second tube, finished. Maxfactor has the best mascaras in the high street (drugstore) range. It does last quite a long time. The brush is quite big so not so great on the lower lashes.
  2. Benefit Porefessional – Well if you have been following my blog, you will know that i am a huge fan of this product. I love it.
  3. Bourjois Healthy serum foundation in Vanilla – When i used this up, i bought the happy light, which i wrote a review on. Bourjois is a favourite for foundations.
  4. Barry M Lip gloss – I actually had this for ages, there was a time where i used to wear it every day, but i am not a massive lip gloss fan now so i wouldn’t purchase it again. It does have a nice smell though.
  • Another item thats not pictured but i used up is; Benefit moisturiser,  I have a combination skin, and i think Benefit did quite help the dry spots, its a bit pricey. I am currently using a moisturiser by Simple.

Yes, i like making lists. I realised most of my posts has numbers or bullet points – personally i find it easier to read things this way. 

Time to budget!

For the next 3 month i have decided not to purchase any more makeup products, and if i use up a product i will but then. The money that i would spend on the products, i will put it in my Bucket list bank. I decided to proper concentrate on my dream (s) and not hoard on makeup too much (gasp), i already have too much. If it goes to plan, i will extend the time.

I don’t think i need 10+ foundations or lots of lipsticks of the similar colour. The only thing i would repurchase again and again is Perfumes, perfumes are me! But makeup; i will buy the necessary items that i use and like rather than buy something because its ‘in’ that season or stuff that i don’t need. This hurts to say as i love makeup, and buying new makeup but…priorities.

This rule applies to alcohol, too much eating out, high heels, bags, other accessories and clothes. My friends think of me as being a tad high maintenance, which i am a bit and slowly starting to do this means i won’t have problems backpacking through Europe, where i would just live out of a backpack.

In the end i would have experiences, achieve the things from my bucket list and be able to just use the necessary stuff, learn budgeting and be responsible and know priorities- but doesn’t mean i won’t gift myself once in a while.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Behavioural science research shows why spending money on new experiences yields more happiness than spending it on new products.- read more.

Appley ever after.

Love, El. Z


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