Things I learned in London

Not a beauty post, today.
I always come across/talk to people from overseas who would love to live in London. I lived in London for nearly 5 years (5 years, in July).


Here is a list of things I have learnt.

1. Avoiding eye contact in public transport. Also remaining quiet and try not to move a lot. Although there will people who will draw attention to themselves but yeah just ignore them and avoid them like you can’t see/hear them. Once, on my way back home some drunk dude decided to sleep on my shoulder – I didn’t even notice, I was too busy listening to music and texting….lalalalala. But in the end, I just pushed him to get off the bus. And I lost count on stories like these on the london public transportation. So avoid eye contact and remain quiet.

2. On the subject of avoiding; Oxford street should be avoided on Saturdays. Central London should be avoided on the Boxing Day. Google in ‘Oxford street Saturday’ and you will know why

3. London is pretty big and there are so many cool places to explore.

4. Drinking whenever is fine, you can drink on a Wednesday afternoon and be drunk, no one will give you a double glance.

5. Have to take a clothing that is suitable for every weather type because one minute it’s sunny the next minute it’s raining heavily.

6. When taking the public transport; Oyster cards should be ready to be tapped otherwise be prepared to receive death glares. And also make sure it’s topped up. With a topped up oyster, London is yours.
In London, buses don’t accept cash.


7. London is massive. Travelling from Uxbridge to Cockfosters on the tube would take about 18181 years, “oh yeah, see you in the next life”. Ok, I’m joking but it will take about 2 hours or slightly more.

8. Soho; located in between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus is the red light district part of London. It does have a lot of cool bars and restaurants though and a very lively atmosphere. The streets lookalike a bit so it isn’t hard to get lost.

9. To travel outside the central part, one must use the tube, bus, train, helicopter and a rocket. From Oxford Circus I have to change the tube 3 times and then get a bus- I promise I live in London!

10. Knowing that the Eurostar in St Pancras will take me straight to Paris. Sometimes when I’m in the area, I have this urge to get a ticket and get on the train and roam around in Paris for a day and comeback at night, still haven’t plucked up the courage to do so thought.

11. Tube map is very easy to understand.


12. It is still funny to secretly laugh at the word ‘Cockfosters’ which is situated at the North end of the Piccadilly line tube.

13. For the hippy lifestyle, night out head towards the east – shoreditch. For something upscale and post head towards the southwest – Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge area. For something a little posh and a bit pretentious also expensive head to – Mayfair. For something touristy head towards – west end (Covent garden, Leicester Square) or Camden.

The bouncers are very strict on the door. It is also easy to make friends in most London clubs, especially in the girls toilets whilst tipsy and taking selfies together.

14. Don’t change tube at Green Park station, unless you want to walk a marathon then go right ahead.

15. Maps on iPhone saved my life a lot.

16. It is a very expensive city! On the bright side, when going on a holiday it would be cheaper as here is expensive.

17. Museums are free, however there’s hardly any time to visit museums and when there is time the queue is always long.

18. After party continues on the night bus, second deck. What I learnt is, the N20 night bus that goes through Camden has some pretty weird people too.

19. Being slightly drunk and walking near the Thames and thinking “I love London” “what a beautiful city I live in” getting emotional and poetic.

20. The club ‘fabric’ is not the one for me. Go there if you’re into a very very crowded place and a very sticky floor, impossible to dance and a constant fear of losing your friends…or shoes and never being able to find them again.

21. Falling love about 12 times on the tube and never seeing them again. Also the accidental flirting.

22. Tube strikes and the London City goes batshit crazy. It’s like a scene from a horror movie.

IMG_1588.JPG (source: independent)

23. There are some areas that I’m quite scared of going, and some areas that the name kinda scares me; looking at you ‘seven sisters’ no idea why I find the name creepy.

24. Foxes. Foxes, everywhere. I lost the count of the many times that I had a staring competition with a fox. It usually ends up in us staring and slowly moving out of each other’s way. Always happens at night.

25. DLR is pretty cool.

26. North London goes mad when Arsenal is playing.

27. You can find anyone from every country. It’s a very diverse city. I can honestly say I know a few words in a lot of languages.

28. London is the best place for online dating; nearly everyone in here uses it. Nearly everyone is on tinder.

29. Nearly everyone, if not everyone goes for a drink after work.

30. I’ve nearly perfected holding an umbrella in one hand and my phone on the other where I’m texting and on Instagram whilst climbing stairs in heels without making eye contact or touching anyone. Go me!

These are what living in London taught me, I’m still learning! Overall, life in London is quite fun for most part.


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