Black and Pastel


I am glad to say that i have few days to myself with little revision before i get back into intense revision and binge eating where i will be living in the library yet again. The security people at the library doesn’t even ask for me to show my I.D card anymore. I had an exam and assignment deadline this week as i previously blogged about , hence i was away for a little while. I am going to try to blog in the next month when i have exams though.

London has been experiencing quite a few weather changes this month, one time its cold and the next day it was very sunny-beachy weather. I thought id take my hat out for a walk, which i have been really into lately. i believe hats add something to an outfit.

IMG_4430_Fotor IMG_4464_Fotor

Here i am, welcoming the warm weather and the beautiful sun and enjoying what it has to offer. It had been quite long and i am very excited to see its face and spend a very long time with it.

A hat became bit of a staple piece for me, i tried giving my outfit a little retro-y vibe, along with a red lipstick (BOURJOIS – ROUGE EDITION IN JET SET RED) 

IMG_4442_Fotor IMG_4494_Fotor IMG_4434_FotorHat – Misguided 

Top – River Island 

Skirt –Berksha 

Shoes – H&M (£15)

Bag – John Lewis (£45)

Watch – River Island (£35)

RIngs – H&M and Topshop (thin mid ring)

Au revoir, stay Appley ever after.

Love, El. Z


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