From brown to pink / purple hair

After walking around trying to grow my natural hair for a while i got bored and dyed it again. The end result being a pinky/purply colour which i got quite used to very soon; This all happened last week as a reward, after finishing my assignment. God knows what i’ll do once i finish the end of semester exams and well year two exams. Not going to lie I’m quite excited and nervous for year three for all i know, its going to be intense.

Anyway before rambling and going off track which i always do i will take you through the process of dying hair from brown to pink.

My natural hair is medium/darkish brown and the ends were some kind of brown that had faded from dying it dark brown maybe like a year ago and had bits of green. I therefore bleached it using Jerome Russell bblonde bleach powder and developer. i used 3 packets of the powder (my hair has gone quite long and its very thick) and used developing cream vol 20% mixed in with 40% (maybe i should’ve thought before doing that but my hair is not damaged at all).

After applying the bleach mixture i waited for a little over an hour, the waiting time was between 30mins to 90mins, which every 15 minute you had to check the progress. After washing and drying, my own natural hair was white with a little yellow and the ends were quite yellow. I should’ve taken a picture but i couldn’t look in the mirror let alone take a picture. I conditioned my hair using a purple conditioner that i had.

i did have thoughts on bleaching it again and making it all white (platinum white, exactly) but i thought better and since it had no damage i thought i should leave it before it gets damaged. The next day I washed my hair, towel dried and then covered the area around my hair with vaseline my mum dyed it with Purple punk by Schwarzkopf ( i can never ever spell that right without googling it) I had bought two packets and that barely covered all my hair. I mixed the dye in with conditioner without sulphate. I left that on for about half hour before washing it and conditioning my hair with the provided conditioner and left that on for about 10 minutes before washing it off.

It is a semi- permanent colour. Inside the box there were a tube with the colour (colour creme) , instruction leaflet, gloves and about 4 packet of conditioner. The formula of the colour creme was quite matte which had shimmer in the light if you looked closely, purple colour and had no smell. The application was easy and fuss free, the instructions were also easy to follow. I do recommend using this product if this is the desired colour.

purple punk hair dye

The result. Well, i had achieved going from brown to pink / purple hair. I had a similar colour to that on the box, On the box it promises to last for 8 washes, i have washed my hair a few times already and it has now faded to pink. This is a picture that is from how it is now, there are few on Instagram too, but they are quite dark. In the light it is pink, in dark it looks more red.


My hair has little to no damage at all and I’m pretty happy about that, it is still very thick and i also use coconut oil on it to keep it undamaged. I use minimal heat on it; i rarely blow dry my hair or use straighteners.

I started wearing dark colour lipsticks a lot with this look and more darker eyes. i feel that suits it more.

Reactions from others on the pink life.

Most of my friends liked it and complimented a lot, apart from one friend who thought i was weird and kept asking why i did this to myself. The looks from some strangers have been quite amusing, some people take a double look and probably wonder what i was thinking when i did it. It stands out from the crowd therefore attracts more. I do quite like being the only brightly coloured one in the tube carriage and Uni though. i went out on a uni night out and people i didn’t know were saying how it was cool.

I will probably go back to a ‘normal’ colour again, when it probably fades a lot, I’m currently thinking of something ash toned, maybe like ash dark blonde but then i also like lavender. Decisions, decisions.

Au revour; Stay appley ever after.

Love, E . Z 


30 thoughts on “From brown to pink / purple hair

  1. Looks gorgeous on you. I came back from vacations with a deep blueish green on the bottom of my hair only to discover a lotof ppl in college had green hair too haha. I only see shocked people in hair salons.



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