A day in Broadstairs

Beginning of April, it was really warm in UK and it was a friend’s birthday so we took a trip down to Broadstairs; a seaside town near Margate. It was really fun but I didn’t catch a tan (I don’t tan)  unfortunately, maybe I should start spray tanning.

Broadstairs is a pretty little town that retains some of its old architecture.

After, it was another friends birthday so I headed out to Camden for cocktails and dancing.



IMG_1597.JPGbroadstairs uk


Loved them balconies.


  •  Dress – Boohoo it was on my wishlist
  • Jacket – Dmitri boutique
  • Shoes – Primark
  • Bag – River island

Au Revour, stay appley ever after.

Love, E . Z


24 thoughts on “A day in Broadstairs

  1. Broadstairs looks lovely and quaint, I love the picture of the beach, especially as you got a seagull in it! Pretty outfit too, the dress is quite unique with that high neckline. Amy x


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