Sunday scribbles

Time for a ramble. I have a bit of a freedom from revising so I thought I’d do some blogging and inform that I’m still alive. I’m quite excited for after the exams, although I would need to catch up on sleep for like a month….seriously I could sleep for a month. I have a lot of things lined up, which just came about randomly; I’ll be attended a maroon 5 concert which I’m looking forward to as I love them. I will also be attending the wireless festival in June, as well as going on holiday and also seeing some old friends which I haven’t seen in ages. I am also looking forward to being active in the blogging world, I missed it sooooooo much, it is definitely a great part of my life and I’m so glad I have started it. Long story, short I have a lot of things planned.

It’s only a few weeks of torture (ok, not that bad), I have already done one of my exam which was surprisingly easy, the topics I revised came up, who’d knew management accounting exam in second year would be really easy. Here is a post I have previously done on avoiding exam stress

This is my current study tip:

For some reason when I study I get hungry very often, the amount of sandwiches, Nando’s, cheesecakes and other snacks, I had is pretty bad. I have also been surviving on coffee, even though I’m more of a tea person.


I have also decided to go makeup free for a while so my skin can breath and get back to itself, and I have used this new cream which is pretty good for dry skin; I’ll be reviewing it soon. Currently, I am rocking the homeless/zombie look, but I’m only at the library so it’s acceptable, right?

Whoever is doing revision and has exams, I wish you the best of luck! You’ll do great.


Au revoir, stay Appley ever after.

Love, E . Z


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