Bourjois rouge edition lipstick collection

My most favourite makeup item is lipstick, its been that way since i was young, i loved the containers and when you opened it there was something colourful inside that looked so pretty, which instantly brightened up the whole face. I am a bit of a lipstick hoarder right now, i tend to favour brown / red shades more as i think they suit me more than pinks.

As soon as the Bourjois rouge edition lipstick collection came out, i took a romantic trip to Boots and got myself two lipstick which soon turned into five. Here i am, doing a review on them.

bourjois rouge edition lipstick

rouge edition bourjois

The first two colours i bought were the 2nd one and the 3rd one from the above image. the colours are called 03 Peche cosy and 05 Brun boheme. 

bourjois rouge edition pêche cosy

03 Peche cosy is a very natural peachy colour, great for everyday use. I rarely wear these kind of colour but i really liked this when I did a swatch on my hand and so i bought it. I like wearing this with a lot of eye makeup or when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup, on a low-key natural days. My mum is also a fan of this colour.

05 brun boheme bourjois rouge edition

I love this colour (Brun boheme), its my go-to colour which went really well when i had brown hair but not so much with lighter shade of hair and with the pink hair i tend to wear more of a red/plum shade. Still this is my favourite, Bourjois does darker colour better than lighter shades. I think this is is a less costly version of MAC brick o la, the colours are pretty similar.

jet set rouge bourjois rouge edition

The next colour i got from the Bourjois rouge edition lipstick collection is 13rouge jetset. This is a beautiful red shade, although I’m a massive red lipstick fan but i have too many, reason i bought this was because we were going out and i forgot to take my red lipstick with me and it was all gone after so i went into Superdrug and bought this along with the Happy light foundation (review) and i applied it then and loved it. it actually stayed on quite a while despite many cocktails.

violine strass bourjois

This pretty dark shade is 18 Violine strass. I really wonder who is the mastermind behind naming lipsticks, i would like that job…a lot. This is a purpley shade, it really suits dark hair more so than light. It stays on quite long as well and i evem bought the matching nail varnish too (it was the christmas period, i was feeling happy and when I’m happy i like to buy things) however mum uses this more than me as of lately as i kind of stopped wearing makeup because time deprivation thanks to dear exams.

02 beige trench

This is a nude-y colour, named 02 Beige trench, it has a violet hint when i wear it which kind of bring out the green eyes. i think i have worn this a lot too, currently is my go-to nude colour. i love the shade only problem is it doesn’t last long and i usually find myself staring at myself and thinking where did it go, i wore it less than an hour ago. nevertheless, a lovely nude shade that looks amazing with a very dark smokey eyes, even with a heavy-ish winged eyeliner.

bourjois rouge edition lipstick collection swatches

Ta-daaaa, now i introduce you to the bourgeois rouge edition lipstick swatches, which goes from the lightest to darkest (lowest to highest in numbers). The lighter two shades on the swatch doesn’t last a long time but the darker ones do and its quite pigmented, 03 Peche posy isn’t that pigmented though, needs quite a few layers. The packaging is cool, and on the bottom it shows the colour too which i like so i can store it upside down knowing easily which colour to grab on the go.

The formula is creamy and feels really nice and the taste isn’t bad either. Yes, i do recommend them, most of the colours especially the darker ones. Given the price at only £7.99 in boots, they’re worth it.

bourjois rouge edition ipstick

I also have the ones in liquid matte too, only own two of them which ill review too.

au revoir, stay appley ever after.

Love, E. Z


16 thoughts on “Bourjois rouge edition lipstick collection

  1. Beige Trench is my favourite! It’s almost got a grey kind of tinge to it, but in the best way! I definitely need to invest in some more of these, the peach one looks super cute! xo


  2. Ooh I really like that Peche Posy color! Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a peach colored lipstick before. I’ll have to try them the next time I see them!


  3. Ooh I really like that Peche Posy color! Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a peach colored lipstick before. I’ll have to try them the next time I see them!


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