DIORSKIN Forever flawless perfection fusion foundation review

A foundation with a long name.

I have had the Diorskin forever flawless foundation for quite a long time now. When i first bought it i wore it a lot and then stopped for a while then recently started wearing it again and decided to do a review on it.

Dior is one of my favourite brands. I am a massive fan of their lipsticks and nail varnish (If you have been following my blog from the start, i have earlier favourite post on them) and timeless classic fashion. It has that classy touch. I was really excited when buying this, as it my first ‘splurge’ on a foundation. It costed £32 in boots for 30ml.

I bought it in the shade 010 Ivory which i believe its the lightest shade. It has SPF 25 too.

The packaging: i love. As i said earlier, Dior never fails with having classy packaging and this is no exception. Dark blue lid, with silver around it and CD (Christian Dior) in Navy blue at the top, a luxuriuous glass bottle. Who wouldn’t be excited to try it out?

diorskin forever foundation

diorskin forever foundation

First impressions 

First time i applied it with my fingers, after shaking the bottle (states at the back) and i quite liked it. It matched my skin tone, looks pretty natural and applied quite smoothly. One pump was enough to cover my whole face and the coverage was quite light. I was quite pleased with it.

Diorskin forever foundation

diorskin forever foundation swatch

Then it started to cling on to dry areas and go a bit patchy and looked quite uneven. That, i didn’t like. Nevertheless i decided to give it another go as i didn’t want to give up on it, after all it was my first high end foundation purchase but i was still a tad heartbroken (didn’t really wanted to admit that to myself) but hopeful.

I started wearing daily, and i realised it broke out my skin. I went through being a teenager without spots and now i was breaking out, i was confused and more heartbroken. Where were all these spots coming from? Thats when i gave up on it, i didn’t want to harm my skin more. Recently i wanted to give it another go but it was the same again. i did try many methods of applications (brush, sponge, fingers…) but none of them worked. Currently this is just chilling in my makeup area until i find it a new compatible home as i don’t want to throw it away.

It may work with some people, but unfortunately it didn’t with my skin.

What i liked about Diorskin forever foundation? 

  1. Its bottle! I’m a bit obsessed with packaging. – but packaging alone won’t make it worth it.
  2. it has no strong smell to it.
  3. It perfectly matched my skin tone.
  4. At first, it applies on smoothly, not heavy.

What i didn’t like about Diorskin forever foundation? 

  1. It clings on to dry areas.
  2. Also clings on to pores.
  3. It gets patchy, uneven and kind of yellowy on some areas of the face.
  4. It breaks out my skin.
  5. Its price.


Honestly. No, i wouldn’t buy it again. Wont use it again either. Sorry, Dior guess it wasn’t forever flawless perfection after all. 😦

I am a bit of a foundation hoarder now, i did buy other high end foundations, which i will review too.

Au revoir, stay appley ever after.

Love, E. Z


9 thoughts on “DIORSKIN Forever flawless perfection fusion foundation review

  1. Awh I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you! I’ve usually stuck to drugstore/lower-end beauty products, because sometimes they cause my skin to break out. I know what you mean about the packaging though, I love how the glass feels in your hand!

    Angelina Is


  2. That’s the worst, when you spend money on a product and it doesn’t give the results you expected. It’s a shame it makes you breakout. Hopefully the next high end foundation you purchase will be perfect.

    I personally like to mix a combination of MAC Face and Body and Illamasqua Skin Base (as that one can be a little too heavy alone) to create the perfect tone and coverage for me. They go quite fair with their shades too. 🙂



    • I know right, but I have used other high end which were better, and I did try MAC, I got it in a darker shade to wear in summer. So far it’s doing a good job 🙂
      Thanks for commenting. X


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