Afternoon Tea at Sanderson hotel.

Where the guests are invited to “tumble down the rabbit hole” and enjoy an afternoon tea.

Me and my friend enjoyed an afternoon tea at the Sanderson hotel situated in Berners street, in Oxford street. It was a very lovely afternoon and the place was quite different, it had a carnival theme to it.

We were seated to discover a menu which was inside a vintage book (i love books!) so naturally i liked the place. We  were given a choice on the different kinds of tea with our food, i still opted for a plain tea. The food is British. The napkins had riddles on them. There was a jewellery box with sugar inside and a ballerina spinning to “somewhere over the rainbow’ playing. Safe to say, it was theatrical. 

sanderson hotel, afternoon tea, riddle

Soon the food arrived, there was a choice of savoury and sweet. For savoury there were four kinds of sandwiches, where there was a green bread ( i had no idea green dyed bread was a thing) and as for the sweets; well marshmallows in the shape of mushrooms were pretty cute.

afternoon tea at sanderson hotel

The tea pots were the kings and queens, the plates showcased a mix of carousels, zebras, birdcages and ticking clocks. Afternoon tea at Sanderson hotel had a twist.

afternoon tea at the sanderson hotel


As it was during the exam season i was a bit tired and afternoon tea in a pretty place did raise my mood. London was quite cold and rainy-isn during May hence me still sitting in a coat. Im over coats now.

afternoon tea at sanderson hotel london

The savoury food (sandwich) on top of the book menu, and next to that all the sweet food.afternoon tea at sanderson hotel

and to end it, there was a ‘magic potion’

drink me potion, afternoon tea at sanderson hotel

This was in stages, it was very sweet and the first stage was the taste of passionfruit. However as it was very sweet i couldn’t finish it all.

The price was a bit on the pricey side, but in London be prepared to pay a little more for than average, The prices are from £30 per person.

There is also a jelly trolley as well as choice of cocktails.

it was a very lovely afternoon, with a feeling like I’m in Alice in Wonderland.

Photography by me and my friend.

Au revoir, stay appley ever after.

Love, E. Z


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