Freshers week: tips to survive it.

A different kind of post today. Since its summer and September will be coming up i thought id start with these sort of posts.

Freshers week; if you are living in the UK and starting Uni then you will most definitely experience freshers week…and the freshers flu. For most universities in UK, It lasts a week, and for few others it is two weeks. For my Uni it lasted two weeks, and i only went out few times.

freshsers week

1. Join Uni Facebook groups. – Before you move in, its beneficial to join your uni groups on Facebook and meet people there, see whats on and it would also be useful if you are living at home and wanting someone to attend freshers parties with.

2. Get to know your flatmates. – I chose to stay at home as i attend a uni in London, but most of my friends lived at the student accommodation. It is very useful to get there early and be approachable when you move in as everyone is quite nervous and wanting to make friends. A good tip would be to leave your room door open and be friendly all the time, striking conversations. Oh and taking cupcakes or alcohol will make everyone in your flat love you! …ok, maybe not everyone.

3. Meet and be friendly to people in your course.- This is quite important as you will spend the next three years with them, although you will probably see your flatmates more you’ll only will be living with them less than a year. You might end up being closer to your course mates. Few people i know are more closer to their course mates.

4. Necessities. – These are money, fancy dress, clothes, medical stuff( just in case), uni stuff and kitchen essentials,. Make sure you have paid the rent and got food before going out and getting drunk. London is pretty expensive too so budget accordingly if studying here.

Now for the other bit.

  • You will meet hell of a lot of people, some you won’t remember, some you will avoid, some that will be your friends…best friend, girl/boyfriend. Most people meet their best friend or partner at freshers week. A good idea would be to not go with the intention and enjoy. As for partners; its uni- be friends firstDon’t feel obliged to do things and don’t fall in love with the first attractive person that is being nice to you. 
  • You will get a little homesick at first but once you make friends, go out and drink, you won’t be homesick. You will tell people back home how such a great time you’re having and keeping healthy.
  • Again, don’t have high expectations of this week or two being the best of your life…or even your uni years being the best times of  your life. There will always be best times in your life… a lot of them. Just go in with a positive attitude and be friendly! 
  • Attend the freshers fair and join the societies that take your fancy. You’ll never know who you’ll meet.
  • Keep yourself safe, have extra money on you incase for cabs and don’t get in a cab with stranger or an unregistered one. Try to stay with whoever you attended the place with or who you know there.
  • Be prepared to tell people about where you’re from, what course you’re doing and all that stuff. Your best friend is among them people.
  • You might get a weird nickname from something that you have done or said.
  • Takeaway….lots of takeaway! No other explanation needed here.
  • Be prepared for unflattering tagged pictures. 
  • You will be tired, drunk or hungover for the week or two…can lead to the freshers flu. Still make sure to attend induction and lecture if there is one.
  • Most people do drink, but there are some that don’t and its not compulsory to get drunk. Don’t force yourself if you don’t want to or can’t handle your drink. Yes, freshers is mainly about getting drunk and making a fool out of oneself but you can still have fun without being drunk. 
  • HAVE FUN. 

You will have a good time, just be friendly, introduce yourself and don’t do anything your sober self wouldn’t like. Remember, Freshers week doesn’t have to be just about getting wasted.

I will be starting 3rd year in September which is weird as i still remember when i first started and i feel quite upset as ill be finishing soon. I am glad i attended Uni, i made some great friends, learned stuff and experienced the ‘not so’ responsible student life although, i wish i moved out on my first year. Well third year should be a pain though apart from the exams and other coursework there is also the project of writing about 16,000 words. This time next year i would have graduated, I’m not sure whether to stay in further education though, id probably would like that.

P.S. Sorry for my lack of posting. I have been occupied with arranging stuff and packing as i am going away for about two month, also i have decided to write a book. Been kind of thinking about my life; where it will go and having nostalgia. Oh i was also at Wireless festival. There are other things too i probably missed. I am also debating whether to start a youtube channel or not.

Au revoir, stay appley ever after

Love, E. Z


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