Looking for the Ideal one.

Can we say welcome to autumn now? I think we can. When I left the 40 degrees weather in Azerbaijan. I was welcomed here with cold and rain. Nevertheless I am very grateful to be back at home.

While I was there, I couldn’t resist in doing a bit of a beauty buy. Well, it was on sale and I loved the products when I tried the tester at the store; Ideal.

makeup, ideal makeup
Never actually heard of the brand but I liked their products. I also purchased a Bourjois powder.

I bought the Bourjois detox powder,  ideal bronzer, 2 ideal eyeshadow in brown and desert and an eyebrow pencil in brown. 

The powder is in the shade vanilla and I have used it and I can say that I love it. I broke out a LOT recently, after the operation and this made my skin look better. Unfortunately I haven’t seen this in the UK stores but I will probably be placing an order on Amazon or something.

The bronzer is very shimmery and pigmented. I decided to use it for special occasions and use my usual Bourjois bronzer daily. This bronzer makes the skin look pretty, shimmery and glowy. I am glad I bought it. It was about (converting to British pound) £3.50. It was on a sale.


As I am more into the earthy tones when it comes to eyeshadows, I took a liking to these two colours. I haven’t worn the greyish one yet but the brown one does last quite a while, it builds up very nicely and stays on. The brown one is more shimmery than the other.

My usual Maybelline eyebrow pencil finished so I needed a new one urgently and coming across the one from Ideal, I decided to give it a try and I wasn’t disappointed. With the brush at the other end it keeps my brows in place and shape when filled in and all.

Another thing I love is their packaging; Black and gold. It looks classy, and feels lovely. Mirror inside as well, how handy?

The images are taken with my iPad. 

I am quite happy with my purchases, I would probably try other Ideal items if I go there again. Currently, I am quite excited for the A/W winter wardrobe and I’m on a lookout for a pretty black coat. There is one at Zara that I liked but it is sold out, unfortunately.

Au revoir, stay Appley every after.

Love, E.Z


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