Kate Nude Collection by Rimmel

Kate nude collection rimmel

Rimmel lasting finish lipstick by Kate Nude Collection

For lipsticks; Rimmel is probably my favourite high street brand. I love their packaging, the smell of their lipstick and the colour ranges. Kate nude collection by Rimmel was a new addition to their range.

Boots were having an offer, where you buy 2 for £10 and I felt like treating myself a little therefore I bought two. The shades I bought from the Rimmel kate nude collection are 42 and 48. The second lightest and the darkest one, seeing as colder weather are coming and well it calls for a dark, vamp-ish lipstick.

rimmel kate nude lipstick

I wore the dark one out to Paris when I went but haven’t worn the lighter one.

rimmel kate nude 42rimmel kate nude 48

What I like about it?

  1. The packaging! Its cute and sophisticated.
  2. The price. Pretty affordable.
  3. The smell, its pleasant just like other Rimmel lipsticks.
  4. Does actually stay on for a while.
  5. The formula. It is quite pigmented.
rimmel nude swatch

TOP- 48 Bottom- 42

What I don’t like about it?

  1. I do wish there were more nude colour ranges

Overall, I like it. I do recommend it. Pick it up and try it next time you’re in Boots or Superdrug. I would give it a 9 out of 10. (9/10)

Happy shopping!

Au revoir, stay appley ever after.

Love, E.Z


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