How to be organised

A fun Monday post. Starting it with how to be organised.

be organisedEveryone wants to be organised, but the worldwide known thing called ‘laziness’ wouldn’t allow that to manifest into our reality.

I have tried and tasted many methods to this, seriously. I am a self proclaimed ‘lazy perfectionist’. I always get things done, but I would need to motivate and organise myself in a way that I would do it. These are just general tips on becoming a more organised person.

  • Timetables are your best friend! While I am writing this post, I am staring at my todo list which has ‘make a timetable’ to do after this post and while this post is posted, I will be (hopefully) acting according to my timetable. No one is perfect. While studying for A-levels, my Maths teacher/lecturer gave us an A5 paper with blocks that had the days written on it, one month before our exams. We had to fill it out with our daily stuff to do. That was SO helpful, I followed that and managed to ace through the exams that term.

Make it and stick to it! 

  • To do listI have this satisfaction when I am writing a to do list and when i cross things off it. Its wonderful and helpful. My tip would be –
    1. Don’t write a lot of things.
    2. Make it detailed, not just a general thing which would take ages to accomplish. Keep it simple.
    3. Colour code.
    4. Write down the important ones first.
    5. Do it daily. Every morning, or the night before. Tick things off as you go along.
    6. Don’t get stressed if you haven’t accomplished everything that day.
  • Dont procrastinate.  Maybe, this should’ve been the first point. Procrastination is the evil of all evil things. “I will revise at 7pm.” “Oh look, its 7.04pm, Ill start at 8 then.” Sounds familiar?  Don’t say later, just do it as soon as it hits your mind.

               funny procrastination                                                                 ( source)

‘One day” Is probably my favourite thing to say.  Lets all do this, as below.



  • One thing at a time. Links back to the to do list. It is very important to do it one by one rather than attempting to do many things at once. This way, you will be more focused and the task at hand will be done.
  • Write it down. Some people may prefer to do this non-traditional way but personally I find it much easier to carry a notebook/diary/organiser with me and jot down everything and anything. Nothing is better than a good ole’ pen and paper. I also write down passwords to everything.


  • Always carry pens with you. More than 1 and papers.
  • Keep tissues, gums, perfume, vaseline and mirror in your bag. The necessities, You are organised now. It links in, trust me. Oh and don’t forget the charger. Smart phones aren’t that smart.
  • Keep it neat and tidy Your bag, your car, your house…everything. This is important, you know where everything will be, more organised and will save time finding things.
    1. Colour code things in the house -Documents.
    2. Have a lot of storage. Put things in categories.
    3. Do a spring clean often- especially your wardrobe. I will post a wardrobe/bedroom/makeup specific organisation soon.
    4. Keep things minimal and simple.

clothespinorganisers                                                       (source)

  • Back up your files. Recently, I gave my USB to someone, as they needed it for something and I had a lot of pictures in there and the person had accidentally misplaced it. This taught me a few lessons.
    1. Back it up in more than one place. -Dropbox
    2. Say no.
    3. Need another USB.
    4. Keep one with me.
  • Budget!! Speaking like an accountant, and having done budgeting. I can say how important it is to budget and keep in top of your finances. I am thinking of writing more about budgeting in the future. Long story short now.
    1. Keep a monthly list. Incomings and outgoings.
    2. Budget how much money you are planning on spending that month.
    3. Sell things you don’t need. (Amazon, Ebay, Depop…everywhere actually.)
    4. Make things and sell on Etsy, extra income. I wish I had a talent of making things, (I used to make a bag out of papers when I was five, can I still do that?)
    5. Don’t buy something because it was on a sale and you don’t even need it.
  • Be in control. 
  • Work hard.
  • Know balance.
  • Prioritise.
  • Do it now!

These are the start of how to be organised. Seriously. Pen and paper are your best friends. Write it down! I have a collection of notebooks, each used for different things. Then again, i have a massive obsession with notebooks.

Au revoir, stay appley ever after.

Love, E.Z


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