London to the eye

“A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else”


Leather Jacket – Boutique

white top – Boohoo

Trousers – Internacionale (bought ages and ages ago)

Bag – River Island.

Shoes – (Online shop only)


When you live in London for a while, you appreciate it less. I sometimes, decided to be a tourist for a day and just go to all the touristy spots and see other real tourists looking around in awe and it makes me appreciate a lot that I live here.

Even though I am not from London, but London will always be my home. I would love to travel around the world, live elsewhere for a while and just do my thing but I will always come back to London. If London was a boyfriend, it will be the safe, stable and the one that encourages you to go and explore but would tell you that he would be here waiting for your return.




There are many things to do with London. But going to Oxford street on a Saturday isn’t one. Going to a pub, especially in Autumn should be one though.

This part of the London is the most visited. London eye and the big Ben area, near the Embankment tube station. Theres always some kind of street entertainment going on here, just like most parts of London.DSC02985 DSC02986

Love, E.Z


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