Confessions of a serial hair dyer

Welcome to the confessions of a serial hair dyer.

Taking a trip down the memory lane. I was looking at old pictures and thought I’d do a hair post. When looking at the old pictures, “What the hell was I thinking” went through my mind a lot. Usually when it came to makeup. I won’t be sharing the too embarrassing ones but ill be sharing some, where my hair was different colours.

I dye my hair when I am bored, usually. This is the only reason. Even if it hasn’t faded and I recently dyed it. Id be bored and see a new colour or something and just do it. If only I “just do it’ in many things.

I am going to share the natural length of my hair, the day I turned 17. It was brown and it was waist length.

DSC00244 (2)_Fotor

Do excuse the quality, but it was the only picture that portrayed the length before It died/dyed. I think it was the longest it had been before i decided to go Purple.

Unfortunately, when it was purple. I haven’t got a lot of pictures because I had a purple (wow) blackberry which I lost. The only phone I lost  and all the pictures were in there.

I did find this picture below though, but it was quite faded by then. Selfie overload.


488009_4139039809171_418225797_n 1794749_10200895819912628_787515466_n GetAttachment.aspx-2 GetAttachment.aspx-3
image-13 GetAttachment_Fotor GetAttachment_FotorwGetAttachment.aspx-7


image_Fotor GetAttachment.aspx-4image-11

After dying it purple then a bunch of random colours, I lost track. So these pictures are just in random order. Although the last picture is what it is right now. There is other colours too, in between, but not very significant changes. I have been every shade of brown and many forms of ginger. I have also been bleach blonde before going pink. Only lasted a very short time though, i don’t think blonde suits me.

However, despite the many things I have put my hair through it is still going strong. It is quite thick actually, I do have split ends though. I am not sure which has been my favourite, but I liked my purple hair a lot but i didn’t keep dying it purple because it was high maintenance,  faded into a weird colour which didn’t look good on me at all and washed off pretty quickly.

I have used most of the boots hair dyes as well as Sally’s, so I have an idea on how most of them are if anyone needs advice. Easiest one I used was the John Frieda Foam. Most of them wash off pretty quickly. Schwarzkopf is pretty messy (Purple, pink). L’areal was the one that I used the most.

I have also used ‘crazy colour” semi hair dye to go red, which ironically didn’t really wash off. I had to strip off the colour then dye it black afterwards to get rid off it. i am surprised that I still have hair.

Love, E.Z


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