My perfume collection 2015

miss dior

Everyone has an obsession with something, mine lies with perfumes. I love perfumes. I also love the perfume commercials. I have been collecting perfumes for few years now, since I was about 15. My perfume collection is still open to grow more, it’s a never ending love story.

It is my one year Anniversary with blogging. So thought a post on my perfume collection which I had been planning for ages is perfect.

miss dior, marc jacobs daisy

perfume collection
DSC03309_Fotor DSC03310_Fotor DSC03311_Fotor DSC03317_Fotor

How pretty is this Valentina by Valentino packaging? Its so girly yet not so girly at the same time. DSC03327_Fotor DSC03328_Fotor

I only have 2 celebrity perfumes.

Glow by Jlo –Soapy smell. lasts quite long.

Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears.- Very sweet. (Gift)

and 2 high street perfumes.

River Island. 

Fruity Zara. (Tube)

  • Daisy black by Marc Jacobs – Floral, woodsy notes and airy vanilla. Stays on longer than the original. Kind of smells similar to Chance au tendre by Chanel. I wear this the most along with miss Dior.
  • Daisy dream by Marc Jacobs – Grapefruit, Jasmine, white wood, musk. very feminine. Ive been very into it lately, actually. Its got a cute feel to it. 
  • Yellow diamond Versace – Citrus, floral, sweet, fresh with notes of bergamot. Has a confident charm to it. Spring time scent.
  • Bright Crystal Versace – Light, floral smell. My daytime scent most of the times. 
  • Bright Crystal absolu Versace (Dark pink) – Darker than the previous one. I don’t wear this often. 
  • Coco Mademoiselle Chanel – Mandarin orange, Orange blossom, Jasmine, Mimosa, Turkish rose, Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla. It only has a tiny bit left.  
  • Chance Chanel – Floral, simple scent. It isn’t so hyped as the other Chanel scents and its my most favourite out of all the Chanel perfumes. Its light and fresh, Unlike the classic Chanel fragrances.
  • Intuition Estee Lauder Citrus, amber and floral. Oriental, warm and sweet. 
  • Pleasure exotic Estee Lauder – Floral, fresh and citrusy. My everyday perfume that i usually keep in my bag. Not pictured as It was in my bag and I forgot about it. Young fragrance, I’m growing out of it. 
  • Miss Dior blooming bouquet Dior – Rose, floral, citrus notes, fresh. This reminds of single, young and careless woman’s life. It has a happy feel to it.  soft, feminine and elegant, I just wish it lasted longer. It has been complimented. 
  • Pure poison Dior- Mysterious and blossom, jasmine, gardenia, amber and sandalwood. More on the mature side. 
  • Lacoste pour femme – I had this since I was 17. I used to love it, still do but i don’t wear it much as it only has a little left. floral, fresh spicy,powdery,woody, balsamic. Charming and clean scent. Effortless, office friendly perfume. 
  • Nina by Nina Ricci – Very sweet. Reminds me of being young and all. Lives to its name ‘Nina’ which means a young girl. 
  • Viva la Juicy by Juicy couture – Mandarin orange, wild berries, Gardenia, Jasmine, Vanilla. Suitable for a girls night out. It has that feel to it. 
  • Rouge Christian Lacroix (avon) – Dark, more of a mature smell. Not really into it anymore. I bought it online, Avon. 
  • Viva capio – I have had this for years. It is quite dark, masculine and a little exotic scent. 
  • Envy me Gucci Everything girly and feminine. Floral, fruity, sweet and fresh. It has a bit of a white musk smell to it too. Girl next door type of scent. It doesn’t last very long. A complimented scent though. 
  • Boss Orange – Dark, Orange, vanilla, powder, woody smell to it. I don’t wear this a lot as I find it a bit too dark. But it is a one for the very confident. It gets quite strong and sharp after a while. Reminds me of a career oriented woman for some reason, not careless at all. 
  • Very irresistible summer Givenchy- Summery, sweet and floral. I wear this in the summer mainly. 
  • Narciso Rodriquez – Starts out being quite sharp, dark and crisp. But lately it has a beautiful smell. It has a long lasting power. Musk, rose and floral. Powdery and creamy and quite bold. 
  • Valentina by Valentino Sophisticated, seductive and unexpected characteristics. Perfect contradiction (Anyone seen the commercial for it?) Italian floral, a little on the dark side. Powdery, Orangey, wild strawberries. Smells better with time actually. It has a grown up feel to it. Most complimented perfume of mine. 
  • Jimmy Choo – Mandarin orange, pear, green notes, Orchid, toffee. I haven’t worn this a lot, i find it a bit too dark and more on the intense and passionate side.
  • Lancome Miracle – This is very feminine.  Sweet but just the right amount, great uplifting fragrance. 

The perfumes highlighted in Red are more daytime, summery, softer scents. The ones highlighted in blue are more darker, nighttime or autumn/winter scents. Unhighlighted ones are more in the middle. 

Right now I have my eye on the love story by Chloe which I have a little tester of it. 

What are your favourite perfumes?

Au revoir, Appley ever after

                                                        Love, E.Z


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