Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation review

Introducing Nars cosmetics to Zekalin.

My first ever NARS product is the luminous weightless Foundation.

Nars Luminous Weightless FoundationI have probably had this for a little over 6 month now. The packaging is quite sleek. matte bottle, black writing, and a rectangle glass. The cap is matte black, which catches dirt easily. 

Nars Cosmetics Luminous Weightless Foundation

Its a PUMP. pumps just make life easier. One pump is enough for the whole face if you want a light coverage. I quite like the coverage of this foundation. I have the shade Mont blac. Now lets get on with the pros and cons.

What I like about Nars Foundation.

  1. The packaging, the glass bottle and it being black. How very predictable of me.
  2. It has a great variety of shades to match every skin tone. I believe there are 20.
  3. One pump is enough for the whole face for a light coverage.
  4. The pump. Although most foundations now have the pump.
  5. Because of one pump, it will last quite a long time. (the product)
  6. Lightweight.

What I didn’t like about it.

  1. It tends to dry out my skin. If not applied with a generous amount of moisturiser, prior to foundation application. It tends to clung on to the dry spots and that doesn’t look very nice.
  2. The cap bit, it gets dirty easily.
  3. Price!


Mars foundation swatch


At first, I applied it with a brush or a sponge applicator. Then I found out for best results, apply with fingers. Pump it out on your hand, warm it up with your finger and apply it to your face. I did notice the difference and it didn’t actually dry out my skin that much. It is very liquid and fluid, quite lightweight. (the name is weightless). Oil free formula. It says it is a 16 hour lasting, but I haven’t worn it for 16 hours, the most I have was about 8 hours or so.

It is very pricey. It costs £32 at House of Fraser, where I have bought it. Therefore, I tend to apply it on special occasions. Out of 10, I will give the Nars Luminous weightless foundation a 7.  (7/10) 

Have you tried this foundation?

Au revour, apply ever after.

Love, El.


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