My foundation collection 2015

I am always on the search for perfect foundation, In all honesty I always look for the ‘perfect’ things (and not things).This is a collection of my hughstreet/drugstore and higher end brands.

I started wearing foundation when I was about 17, I think I was using the one from Avon and I don’t think I caked it on then, I think I kind of started caking it on when I was in sixth form.

Foundation collection

foundation collection

Do excuse the not so neat caps, it happens…we are all humans. I think you could tell which ones I use the most. I am quite pale, Im usually the shade ‘Ivory’ which I got it checked at the Dior counter, when buying the foundation.

 foundation collection

  • Dior forever foundation, which I have a review on right here
  • Hello flawless Benefit. – I don’t have a review on this but I can say its the best foundation for the natural ‘no makeup’ look. it is great for the skin to breath. I remember falling in love with this when the girl at the benefit counter applied it on for me along with the benefit concealer; which I bought too.
  • MAC matchmaster foundation – No, I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this foundation as it is clearly way too dark for my skin tone. I wore it a few times, I think when I had fake tanned (which I couldn’t quite get the hang of. It actually looks quite funny, with the other paler foundations surrounding it. I believe I had a haul on this, like a year ago when I first started blogging.
  • NARS weightless foundation. – I have a review on it, you can check that out here.

drugstore foundation collection

  • Maybelline dream matte mousse. – This is my second one. The first one I bought was in the shade ‘sand’ and this one is the shade ‘Ivory’ . I bought the first one when I was about 18 or 19. I like the cover however it kind of is quite cakey and must.use. a lot of moisturiser.
  • Bourjois Happy light – I have a review here
  • Bourjois Healthy mix serum – Its one of my favourites, however since I bought this when I had a tan (once in a blue moon) its quite dark to wear all the time. If i had to re-buy any from my collection again, this would be one. and the gel one.
  • Body Shop all in one BB cream. – Lightweight, natural and dewy. Great for casual days, However for some reason I don’t wear it as much.
  • Maybelline Fit me foundation stick – I bought this in the hope of using it as a contour. So the shade is quite dark but I love it. The coverage is awesome.
  • Revlon Colourstay – Bought this before I went on a holiday and wore it a couple times since then. Its for dry skin, the coverage is good and doesn’t dry out however it doesn’t have a pump.
  • Max Factor whipped cream. – Its quite light but it made my skin break out. My mum usually uses this.
  • L’oreal True match foundation – I read a few reviews on this, and everyone was quite positive about it so I bought one for myself. I really like it. I wore it a lot at one point. L’oreal bought out a new improved bottle/formula now, yet to try that out.

Yes, I might be a bit of a hoarder.

Currently, I don’t wear foundation as after the operation my skin was quite horrible. its slowly getting better now. i had a lot of acne in the summer, still do a bit but I have managed to clear most of it out.  Therefore I try not to use foundation much to let my skin breath but recently I have got the Bourjois CC cream and I so far really like it, I’ll do a review soon after I wore it for a while.

The month of November I’ll be really occupied as I have assignment deadlines and since its my final year at uni (time went by so fast) I really need to concentrate on them.


Love, E. Z


26 thoughts on “My foundation collection 2015

    • Ooh everyone has been raving about the Charlotte Tilbury foundation, I really want to give it a try.
      I quite like the cc cream but I think it kind of breaks me out a little but I’m not too sure as I haven’t used it a lot so I’m still testing that out.


  1. You may be a bit of a foundation hoarder…like myself. I remember sharing my foundation collection on snapchat a couple of weeks ago and people were shocked I had so many but you need different foundations for different things AM I RIGHT? 😉 xx,

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