FDC Young Designer Awards 2015

On 31st of October, I was invited to attend a fashion show; FDC Young designer designer awards which I am grateful for.

The event took place in the stunning Pullman hotel in Kings Cross and it was 1920’s themed. Before the fashion show we spoke and got to know the talented designers.

One design in particular caught my eye, I just loved it and the designer behind it was Cindy Zhang; who is a fashion accessories designer and her design; Reborn has been worn by Lady Gaga- which can be seen here.

My favourite piece of hers, was this stunning leather.

fdc young designer awards

Let me show you a few other highlights of the night for me, regarding designs. The photos were taken with my iPhone since my camera has broke and I haven’t really had the time to replace it.

Lately, I have really been into the colour orange, like the above coat as well as blue- like the blazer above.

How stunning are these?

Images just above taken by Diamond Braganza photography

Valentina Opezza is another highlight as I loved how her Spring/Summer2016 collection is 100% vegan-friendly, it incorporates eco-friendly fabrics and materials, and original graphics and artworks. 

Also, another design KSecret Dunbar – Jon Marc|Seven Curves, whose designs represented fashion with a message  had the best runaway, in my opinion. It had a powerful stage appearance to the song ‘who run the world by Beyonce’ and also used models of all ages, it also caters for sizes 10-16. 

Overall, I had a fun night with the FDC Young designer awards. Talking to talented designers and seeing their lovely designs. To find out more about the event, check out their Facebook page and their website.  

Now, I shall get back to my assignments which I am halfway through. I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays.

Love, E. Z


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