Regents Park

Only a month left till Christmas.


Cant believe its nearly Christmas. I remember taking these pictures like yesterday (It was really in October.) I have had such a busy two month – not an easy one either so that didn’t help. (mercury was probably in retrograde or something). I was really busy with University assignments. I have finally finished them and I should probably start revising for my exams in January soon.



I promise I wasn’t angry, the sun was just in my eye. It was way too sunny for an autumn day here in London. Late September, I had also decided to cut my hair quite short (long bob) and I am actually trying to grow it now. I wanted to try something new and I don’t really regret it now, as at the time I really wanted to do it.

Faux Fur Coat – New look 

Dark grey Jumper – River Island

Red dress – Boohoo

Boots – New Look

Bag – River Island


That Jumper is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. They also had it in other colours. I was just going for something casual and comfortable with this outfit.




How beautiful are these colours. Au Revoir, Appley ever after

Love, E.Z


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