CC Hair Extensions

I recently cut about 10 inches off my hair to make it shoulder length as I was quite bored with my long hair and now I want long hair again. Typical me, always wanting some sort of changes with hair.

This is my current hair length and it has grown a bit.12224082_1164536620240824_250953316_n

I never wore proper hair extensions before, only them different coloured one strip ones which were on trend when I was in year 9- for a very short while. However, I currently do think of wearing one, if my hair takes a while to grow and if I get my head around hair extensions. Recently, I was introduced to the CC hair extensions .                                             

Introducing CC hair extensions, it is made up of human hair and it uses Brazilian and Indian human clip in hair. Brazilian and Indian hair tend to be quite thick which is quite good. They sell all around the world,  quite an extensive range of various ones/ colours/ sizes and their prices are quite affordable as far as hair extensions go. I checked other hair extensions sites which were costing more.                                                                                                                The sizes varies, there are 28 inch hair weave ones and 30 inch hair weave  weave ones too, which are pretty long and it is stated that it can be styled however someone wants and it is long lasting. It also claims to blend it well with own natural hair. There is a review on clip in hair extensions on them from someone who tried it. Their website also offers rewards point which can be used for discounts when you collect enough points.

Have you bought hair extensions from CC hair extensions or would you?   Tell me your thoughts.

Au revoir, apple ever after.

Love, E.Z


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