Layers of Jewellery

Gold and Silver are the best kind of Jewellery.


I recently fell in love with jewellery again; especially many layered necklaces. I am quite a fan of the classic colours for jewellery, like gold and silver rather than colourful ones which I used to wear a lot when I was in High school. I had a lot of colourful ones then,  was collecting them and ended up giving them all to charity  when I was done with that phase in my life.

 Here is a small haul of what I got.


Gold layered – Primark

Silver layered – Primark

Double circle – Dorothy Perkins

Gold earring – Aldo

Silver earring – Aldo

Rings – Dorothy Perkins & Topshop.


The above earring thing actually goes behind the ear, its pretty cool and I can’t wait to wear it.




This is one long earring. 

I am also on a lookout for a moon choker necklace too, I love moons for some reason and I think a moon chocker looks really pretty.


Have an awesome week. Appleyeverafter.


Love, E.Z


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