Love Story by Chloe

New perfume to add to the collection; Love story by Chloe.

chloe love story

If you have checked my post on my perfume collection, you would already know that I am a huge perfume fan/maniac. This Christmas I decided to gift it for myself but about 2 month before Christmas.

I have been eyeing this perfume since about February, but didn’t get it then for myself as I had bought another one then and didn’t want to spoil myself too much with these luxury gifts. The bottle is beautiful.

chloe love story

chloe love story

I first saw the advert to this and I have a thing for perfume adverts, I would definitely won’t mind being in one, it would be really cool. It starred the French actress Clemence Poesy, set in Paris with music by Vanessa Paradis. It starts in a roof top party, girl and guy meets, goes off on an adventure around Paris and it ends with the girl walking away with the love story bottle after leaving the guy on his own at the river Seine with a lock saying “I love love”. It might sound cheesy  to some but its quite sweet and all lovey dovey. I like to believe that every perfume tells a story and the Idea behind Chloe love story was ‘Expression of a free woman’, so it stands for Freedom and Femininity – which is awesome.

This perfume and I had a love at first sight (smell) moment, given the name I guess it could be expected? The scent might not be everyones cup of tea but I like it. It has a sweet and fresh smell. With notes of Neroli, pear, orange blossom, jasmine, rose and musk.

It is sweet, fresh, feminine and a tad sensual. For some people it is quite light but Im quite sensitive to smell and I don’t find it that light. (Light fragrance for me would be Miss Dior blooming bouquet which is an all time favourite of mine). Chloe Love story is still not an offensive smell, perfect for anywhere really. It’s lasting power is quite moderate. Im not sure if this would be like a signature smell of mine, I am still looking for the perfect signature fragrance, ‘This is the one moment’.


It came in a set with perfume 75ml, lotion 100ml and a mini sized perfume.  Costs around £89 in House of Fraser. A lovely gift for christmas.  I used the lid of the set to store my perfumes; recycling.

What is your signature fragrance ?



AuRevoir, appleyeverafter.


Love, E.Z


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