Goodbye 2015

Waving goodbye to 2015, it was nice knowing you.


As soon as 2016 started I have been buried in my notes and on blackboard studying for my exams which are starting next week. I realised I hadn’t blogged since before christmas and I decided to do a little 2015 review. I was going to do a month by month but decided to just write an overall thought on it to keep it short. 

Most parts of 2015 has been absolutely great. I travelled quite a lot which for me was the best part. I visited Florida, Bahamas, France and Azerbaijan. I passed all my exams for second year of Uni, met new people, learned new things and even dyed my hair pink. However I didn’t really keep all my resolutions. 

The beginning of the year was quite great. I think my most favourite month in 2015 was February; I travelled to beautiful places and it was my 21st birthday.



You can’t go Paris and not have a picture of food. I spent most of my time eating in France. I miss the Baguette and just for that I want to live in Paris for a bit.

I discovered ‘Zhu’ he is amazing, check him out on Youtube. I love most of the songs he has made, they’re so chilled and different. I also saw Maroon 5 live in Wembley which was awesome.  

I think, I have actually blogged more and have been still enjoying blogging which I had started towards the end of 2014. I am still with it and not giving it up anytime soon, it helps to keep me sane. Therefore, I shall be more focused on it and will be taking more advantage of post scheduling to keep on top of my game. 

Not every part of 2015 was all rainbows and sunshine, some parts I walked around like a headless zombie. I am very grateful for all the experiences, for all the people that are still in my life right now and even the temporary ones, the lessons I have learnt in 2015 and all the food I ate. I have tried things I thought I would never- like tasting snails. 2015 was a first to many things.

Overall, as a person I feel I have changed quite a lot. My priorities have changed, I discovered new things about myself, my views and opinions changed.

Anyway, as I was saying writing I now have more clearer idea of what I want to do with my life; the extraordinary and I can’t wait till I get there. 



I waved goodbye to 2015 at home with champagne and all dressed up as I am not a massive fan of going out on New Years eve and before I ramble on for Britain – I wish you all an amazing New Year full off happiness and I hope you make your dreams come true! Live appleyeverafter. 



Love, E.



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