Bourjois CC cream review

Bourjois cc cream

After deciding not to wear foundation everyday, I decided to use the Bourjois CC cream, which I bought around September and wanted to use it for a while to give an honest opinion. I am a fan of the Bourjois products.

The packaging is practical, nothing special and its sleek. Its perfect for travelling as it doesn’t use up much space.The shade I have is 32 light beige. 


On the packaging it states that it is a 24hour hydration which I wouldn’t have anything to say about since I have not worn it for 24 hour straight. It also includes the 3 pigments to correct colour. Apricot for anti-fatigue, Green for anti-redness and white for anti-dark spots. It is also SPF 15.

The consistency is smooth and thin. It is fragranced like most Bourjois products, it is a pleasant smell (your face will smell nice). The finish is smooth, satin and actually has quite a shimmer to it. You know, the summer glow skin.

bourjois cc cream swatch

What I like about Bourjois CC cream?

  1. It is very smooth and satin.
  2. The price. It is affordable.
  3. Blend-able. Thanks to its thin consistency it blend very easily and it is also build-able.
  4. You can build its coverage. The coverage is medium.
  5. Travel friendly.
  6. 3 pigments colour corrections actually works.


What I didn’t like about Bourjois CC cream? 

  1. It doesn’t have variety of shadesm, thats what I dislike about the Bourjois base range. I have the shade 32 light beige and its quite dark for me and I couldn’t find the 31. The shade I have for me would be perfect for summer or when I have tanned myself.
  2. T-zones can sometimes get oily. (I do live in London though and commute). Mainly forehead.


Overall, I would give it a generous 8 out of 10 (8/10). I would consider buying it again. Have you tried this?



Love, E


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