My top 3 perfumes

The ones I always reach for.

top 3 perfumes

Perfumes are my addiction, if you guys didn’t already know that. I decided to my top 3 perfumes post. It was very hard to choose, but in the end I managed to choose my top 3 and realised I am more into floral smells. I have a perfume collection post, if you’d like to check that out; its here.

Most people have a signature fragrance and when you smell it reminds you of that person. Its also just not with people, certain smells brings back memories of places, experiences and just memories in general. Like that summer seaside vacation where you had too many cocktails or the time where you first met someone you love. For me certain smells take me back and some scents that I wore have some meaning for me, Like Gucci Envy me reminds me of a time of being 19 careless, young and parties. Miss Dior reminds me of being free and enjoying moments.

miss dior blooming bouquet

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is beautiful. The bottle is very girly, with pinks and bows. The smell is floral. It opens with burst of flowers which smells fresh and pretty. It has notes of pink peony, orange and damask rose. As well as a base note of white musk.  I have been using this for about two years, maybe. We went on holidays together, had adventures together and experiences…it was by my side most of the times and wearing it does bring some memories back and of course the memories happening now will be remembered in years to come. And to think this was a random moments buy.

This obviously had to be in my top 3 perfumes list.

lancome miracle

Lancome Miracle is actually a quite recent favourite of mine. I was first introduced to this when I was 15 but didn’t really catch my eye (nose) and recently I got it gifted and just fell in love. Wore it and the smell actually last quite a long time on me. It has notes of orange, jasmine, freesia and also a base note of musk. Again, its quite floral and fresh. The bottle is girly and pink. The bottle is nothing that special. I wear this on special occasions or when I have a long day. The bottle is still quite full as this is a new bottle and I haven’t used as much.

Its recent and already in my top 3.

Marc Jacobs daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy has been with me the longest, from my college days and it has that floral, springtime and young smell to it. I have the black edition; it has notes of grapefruit, white flowers, jasmine, musk and white wood. The bottle is pretty, with the plastic daisy cap in gold. Black bottle gives it kind of an edgy vibe in my opinion. I was torn between this and Chanel chance but I have had reached out for this on many occasions. This perfume immediately makes me think of Spring; probably its the name or it’s notes.

top 3 perfumes

top 3 perfumes

So, here is my Top 3 perfumes; Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, Lancome Miracle and Marc Jacobs Daisy. What are your top favourite perfumes?

Have a great day, Appley.ever.after.


Love. E


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