Things I learned in London. #2

I had a ‘Things I learned in London‘ post last year and I thought I’ll make a part 2.


Since I love making lists, I’m going to make more living in London lists. In July it would be my 6th year anniversary with London. Majority of my time here, he has been kind to me hence we are still together. Even though sometimes I want to pack my bag, fly to Brazil and live on the beach forever but then London wins me back.

  • The ‘busy syndrome’. Trying to make plans with someone and it turns into quantum physics. Everyone is busy (myself included), rushing and hurrying for things they don’t even know most of the times. There is also 39393 hours of work.
  • When you do finally meet someone, don’t plan to meet them in certain stations. Such as Waterloo and Old street to name a couple. Took us about 20/25 minutes to find each other.
  • A house would cost an extra 5 million just because of the location- Swiss Cottage. I was working in that house once as a hostess/waitress.
  • Walking fast is another London thing. Again, since everyone is rushing to everything and everywhere walking fast is a necessity. I’ve been told that I walk fast by non Londoners.
  • Changing tubes at Bank is a hassle. Don’t do it unless you have to. Especially at peak times. *nightmare*
  • Avoid the tube at peak times. 7:30 – 9:30 and 5:30 – 7 is. Unless you want to spend more and be squashed among commuters to and from work. When I have a 9am lecture, I leave at 7:30 and get the tube. Its not a good experience, not at all.
  • Not to bother with buying a car. Parking problems.
  • Always have a book to read with you.
  • Tube can also be a good place to apply makeup. Look around you and there will be someone wearing makeup in the mornings.
  • Learn where to stand on the platform so the tube doors open in front of you. Usually where the yellow line mark is faint. I do a little happy dance in my head when this happens, who’d knew I’d be happy about this
  • Going up the stairs in Covent Garden station is like a near death experience. I believe there are 193 stairs. I did this once when the lift wasn’t working.
  • Pylones and the astrology shops in Covent garden are my favourite there.
  • Take a walk in Holland park Gardens.
  • Dating is one issue and maintaining that is another. Not going to get into that.
  • Master the art of complaining. Theres an art to it.
  • Selfridges look beautiful around christmas time. I just want to go in there everyday.
  • Christmas in London is pretty. Too pretty.
winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland

  • I love rooftop bars. I love the view from the rooftop. It looks pretty.
  • The view in Southbank is also beautiful. At night.
  • Brunches are a thing in London, I thought it was just an American thing.
  • I’ve learned that I look Italian, French, Brazilian, Romanian, Eastern European and Greek. To name a few. :O
  • Rugby nights at pub are actually quite cool, everyone is friendly. More friendly if their team wins. Some people just go for the vibe though. I went a few times and had a cool night.
  • Takeaway can be an answer to a lot of things. Pizza is awesome.
  • Sometimes taking a cab is a necessity! Even if it costs £35. Can buy about 2 lipstick from MAC for that price but sometimes when you’re in the middle of nowhere and night bus is not an option, a cab is a must. -Like the time I got stuck in Acton Town after work because the last tube decided to terminate there.
  • Some people, even in their late 20’s live like students because rent prices. 6 people to a house/flat when 29 is normal.
  • Being patient in my commute to Uni. The amount of miserable people I see… Head buried in a book is an option.
  • Nando’s food is actually really tasty. I started going there often when I started Uni.
  • My alcohol tolerance. It tends to change with age. I was more of a better drinker at 19, maybe because I went out and drank more.
  • Tower bridge and London bridge are different.
  • Hangover cure is to drink lots and lots of water! Also carbs, definetely carbs. Also before going sleep drink a glass of water too.
  • Black clothing is always a good idea.
  • Not to worry about missed bus, tube, trains…. something could happen that will be remembered for years to come. Also last minute plans are actually great.
  • Not to worry about anything especially in a city where everything moves fast. People will also come and go out of your life as they are moving on with their life, in another city, another country and sometimes will grow apart. Make the most of it and Enjoy to the full.


And of course, Hotel California by The Eagles will save a bad day 🙂




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