Hello, Bonjour, Privyet, Ciao…

You can call me El.

I am 21years old, student of Accounting and Finance and I live in London, which I love. I grew up in leeds and I never know how to answer the “where are you from” question. You’ll often catch me drinking tea and reading a book. 

I have an interest and curiosity for many things, such as: beauty, fashion, books, travelling, languages, astrology (Aquarius) and many more which will take ages to write. I am also passionate about writing, photography, peace, equality, justice, freedom and making the world a better place! I like experiencing a lot in life and finding things that I enjoy. I have dabbled into modelling, teaching, bartending…list goes on.
About Zekalin

Zekalin started because of my love for writing and photography. A distraction from a number based degree.  It is about Personal style, Beauty, lifestyle, travel and thoughts. There will be reviews, hauls, favourites, Inspo….  I shall soon have a blogging schedule. 

Lets be friends! I am on InstagramTwitter & Bloglovin


Thank you for dropping by.

Au revour!


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