The best thing I never had by Erin Lawless: book review

 The best thing I never had by Erin lawless is an entertaining book to read and easy, it was recommended to me by a friend. So, I thought to give it a read. It is a book about love, friendship and finding your place in life.

The book starts with the characters in the present (2012) and introduces us to the main characters. Nicky, Harriet, Leigha, sukie, Adam, Johnny and Miles. Nicky and Miles are engaged. Harriet is due to be a maid of honour and Adam as the best man. The book starts off with Nicky. Then we are introduced to others which the engaged couple contact.

It then jumps into 2006 and tells us the story till June 2007, which is the part 1. They are at their final year of university and we are told how they meet and all become friends. If anyone has been to univeristy can relate to the activities in the book and you get a familiar feeling from it as well as feeling like you’ve known the characters for ages. Not all the characters are likeable and not everything stays all happy. As we get into the book, it is revealed and we find more about their friendship. I think some parts are a big exaggerated, like Leigha’s feelings towards Adam and Harriet’s great loyalty to her. It was dramatic at times.

Part 2 is back to the present, a while before the wedding. We are given more insight into their lives. Then the wedding day and the reunion where the truth is revealed.

Overall it was an enjoyable and an easy read, predictable at times but isn’t that the case with most romantic books? I’m not going to give away the ending. It was a fun read and I love books that jump in time.

Au revoir, stay Appley ever after.
Love, E.Z



Book review: confessions of a fashionista

Has anyone read the book confessions of a fashionista?
I came across this last year (feels so weird calling 2014, last year) and I quite liked it, it was a fun, light and easy read.


It’s about Angela Clarke, who studied English at university of Essex (UK) and then moved back to Watford, to her parents house. The book is about her life, she starts working for an agency and meets all the wonderful, wacky and the weird people of the fashion industry.

I saw this book as an insider to the fashion industry, I am quite interested so I picked up this book to read. I also liked the fashion related quotes at the beginning of every chapter.

I found Angela’s writing to be humorous and her to be a likeable character, although she was quite confused in life in the beginning, she still had a bit of an idea to go after what she wanted and didn’t let anyone stop her and basically did what she pleased.

So if you want an easy read, insider to a fashion industry with a funny writing by a girl with shopping problems then confessions of a fashionista might be a great read for you

what I liked about confessions of a fashionista?
+ easy, light read.
+ funny.
+ quotes at the beginning of each chapter.
+ insider gossip into the fashion industry.
+ it was set in London, seeing as I live here; reading books set in London kind of feels quite home to me.

Happy readings.

Love, Z

Step back in time

I wanted to do a little book review/ramble.
I wasn’t sure about this book but I decided it give it a chance, as soon as I read it I was hooked on it. I started to read it at around 11/12 at night and finished it 5am…and the next day I couldn’t wake up.

It is called step back in time by Ali McNamara

I will not spoil it on what happens but it’s about a workaholic, JoJo who is an Accountant and has her own firm it is based in Fulham, London. It’s not something you’d expect from a regular chick lit I guess, it’s about time travel (hence the name step back in time) she gets hit by a car and travels to 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and the book obviously involves love, what doesn’t?. I would love to time travel myself if that thing ever is invented, my personal most favourite era would be probably 20’s or 60/70’s I guess.

I am always on the lookout for books that are set it London as for me it’s familiar and feels more homey; if that makes sense.

It has a lot of Beatles references so if you’re a Beatles fan READ IT!!