My foundation collection 2015

I am always on the search for perfect foundation, In all honesty I always look for the ‘perfect’ things (and not things).This is a collection of my hughstreet/drugstore and higher end brands.

I started wearing foundation when I was about 17, I think I was using the one from Avon and I don’t think I caked it on then, I think I kind of started caking it on when I was in sixth form.

Foundation collection

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My perfume collection 2015

miss dior

Everyone has an obsession with something, mine lies with perfumes. I love perfumes. I also love the perfume commercials. I have been collecting perfumes for few years now, since I was about 15. My perfume collection is still open to grow more, it’s a never ending love story.

It is my one year Anniversary with blogging. So thought a post on my perfume collection which I had been planning for ages is perfect.

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