Layers of Jewellery

Gold and Silver are the best kind of Jewellery.


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Looking for the Ideal one.

Can we say welcome to autumn now? I think we can. When I left the 40 degrees weather in Azerbaijan. I was welcomed here with cold and rain. Nevertheless I am very grateful to be back at home.

While I was there, I couldn’t resist in doing a bit of a beauty buy. Well, it was on sale and I loved the products when I tried the tester at the store; Ideal.

makeup, ideal makeup
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Fashion Haul – River Island et H&M

Lately,I have been pretty busy. At uni, its that time again; the dreaded assignments and preparation for exams. i had one exam for corporate law and i have three more to go as well as coursework. Basically we pay £9000 for work overload. I haven’t even bought some of the books thats required. *shrugs* eh, ill still pass!

I am also never sitting on the back of the bus, especially when the bus is busy and you sit there wondering how the hell you are going to get off the bus smoothly. Well, i didn’t. i managed to fall on a strangers lap (mortified) while someone else helped me not to fall further. Head down, straight outta the bus, i couldn’t bear to look at anyones face.

My life aside, on Friday i went to Oxford street which i usually avoid but i had to go as i was already in central London, well the south of the river. I walked from there to embankment, I’m sure the view was beautiful but i was too tired and sleepy to notice- thanks to a lack of sleep. i got the tube halfway and got off at oxford street.

First stop was H&M. i saw a pretty pale yellow dress as soon as i got in and i picked it up to try, then i saw a white lace dress and also picked up a black trousers as well as basic black vest top and few other dresses which i didn’t buy. Paid and left.

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Beauty haul – Bourjois & Maybelline

bourjois, makeup, beauty

I think one of my most makeup brand is Bourjois. i bought these a little while back and i thought id share.

The lipsticks are from the rouge edition and i am absolutely in love with them, the shades are in Rouge jet set 13 and Beige trench 02Although i own a few red shades, i couldn’t not buy this, if you have a skin is pale it would look good and the other colour; i thought suited me and i haven’t had a colour like that.

I had ran out of my healthy mix serum foundation so i gave this a test there and i liked it. its the Bourjois happy light in 51 Rose Vanilla, its the second lightest shade in the collection i also bought the Bourjois happy light luminous primer as i have run out of Benefit porefessional.

If you guys have been following my blog, you would notice that i have been quite into eyeshadows lately, i wanted something pinky shades, so i got the Bourjois smokey eye in 05 rose vintage. i have another shade of the same smoky eyes trio, and another small bourjois eyeshadow, so Ill do a review on them.

Finallly, i bought the Bourjois happy light concealer. I have used it a few times, and i have no complaints on it.

Maybe its Maybelline.


Only three things from Maybelline.

a foundation – Maybelline fit me stick foundation in natural beige.  i wanted something a little darker so that i can use it for contouring. i love the maybelline matte foundation and have been using it for years so i wanted to try another foundation. i also bought an eyebrow pencil/liner – Maybelline Brow Satin eyebrow pencil in medium brown. 

Again, I love the colour red. i bought another red nail varnish, its the Maybelline forever strong nail polish in midnight red. no, it doesn’t stay on for 7 days, it chips sooner than that.

Most makeup brands in the UK are having are 3 for 2 offers in super drug and boots, so its better to use that offer, i tend to wait when i finish a product to want other stuff so i can make use of the offers.

Happy Saturday.

Appley ever after

Love, E.Z

Paris haul

perfume, versace, jimmy choo, paris keyring

i am a perfume addict, when i see perfume i like i have to buy it. In the airport there was a good deal on the perfume that i really liked. they were selling two, 40ml for £40. Me and one of my friends bought two different ones and shared it. We were very happy, like a child in a sweet shop happy. We bought Versace crystal (light pink bottle) and Versace yellow diamond. Then we discovered jimmy choo was also having the same offer so, we had to get that one too. i also had my eye on Chloe Love Story, guess i can get that next time.

Versace Crystal has a very light and fresh smell, perfect for day time, as well as the yellow diamond. However Jimmy Choo has more darker notes which makes it more suitable for the night time.

perfume, versace, jimmy choo

inside the eiffel tower, we fell for the pretty touristy souvenirs. We saw these cute eiffel keyring with bows. one was silver, one was red and a black one, obviously i love black colour so this was very me. My friends bought the other two colours, We each have a colour which derived from our Halloween costume last year we were the red, white and black angels.

paris keyring with a bow

I decided to buy a keyring from whereever i go.

Today is a new year in some parts of the world and the first day of spring, happy Novruz, wishing you all a lovely year and a very fun and warm spring full of happiness.

Appley ever after. 

Love, E.Z

January Boots haul

I was in boots and I couldn’t resist going over to the makeup section, I didn’t buy a lot of things…just a few ‘necessities’.


L’oreal was having a buy three get one three offer, and I wanted to try their foundation; True match as a lot of fellow beauty bloggers rave about it. I bought the shade c2 vanilla rose. One shade darker than my skin tone (I’m an c1 ivory) to avoid looking too pale.

The eye shadow palette, I found to be quite similar to that of urban decay and right now I’m not sure if I want to splash out around £33 on an eyeshadow palette. This at £15, made me less guilty purchasing it. It looks very pretty, I can’t wait to start experimenting with them. I will post a review on everything on here.


I don’t normally use a bb cream, so I wanted to give that a go and this was 5 in 1 and a friend of mine recommended it.

While I was at the n7 cash desk, I decided to pick up these two lipliners in red and rose. Kind of similar but rose is a little more pinky. I’ve used caramel shade before but I think they’ve discontinued that, I can’t find it anywhere.

Today, I decided to give myself a bit of a freedom from studying and have a little fun. Nearly finished. I will also soon be organised and have a specific posts and their days schedule.

Love, Z