New Years resolutions 2016

New years resolutions to change in a year.


I thought of not making new years resolution for this year but then I thought who am I kidding? I f love making lists.

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Red hair Inspiration 

   ‘Oh no you’re not dying your hair again’ My friend’s response when I sent her a picture of red hair.

Since I went back to brown, and that faded into another colour instead of putting a brown dye over it I decided ‘hey let me go red again’ it won’t be too Bright I decided to opt for a more dark auburn/brown colour. I have been bright red before but it faded quickly. Bright Red requires high maintenance to maintain it bright and shiny.

I would also would love to cut it into a ‘lob’ or cut a fringe like the one on the last row.

Au Revoir, stay Appley ever after.




Love, E.Z